• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Jumper’s Knee Strap

New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Jumper’s Knee Strap


New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

Applies mild, constant compression on the patella tendon with a unique tubular buttress. The adjustable design provides the capability to increase or decrease compression based upon the wearer’s needs.

Adjustable – One Size

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New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Jumper’s Knee Strap

Application: Inflammation of the patella tendon or tendonitis. Strain or tear to the patellar tendon.

Causes: Overuse, causing tissue damage and irritation. Growing pains.


  • Compression pad, help relieve pressure on the knee cap.
  • Helps stabilize patella and reduce vibration in femoral groove.
  • Adjustable design offers flexibility for desired level of support.
  • Ti22 thermal therapy, keeps area warm.
  • Reflective NB logo adds safety for low light, low visibility use.

New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

The New Balance® Titanium Ti22 sized sleeves and adjustable (OSFA) supports are constructed with advanced materials, innovative designs and precise manufacturing techniques. Embedded with titanium, each support is designed to provide support, compression, aid in muscle fatigue recovery, and warmth to assist the body’s natural healing process. New Balance® Titanium Ti22 supports help make excellent happen.

Product Guide:

Each New Balance® Titanium Ti22 sized sleeve support provides compression and uncompromised support in a fitted, light-weight technologically advanced design. The embedded titanium lining and construction provide therapeutic support and warmth, aiding the body’s natural healing abilities.

The New Balance® Titanium Ti22 adjustable (One Size Fits All) wrap supports provide the latest in comprehensive adjustable compression and support technology. The advanced titanium material, construction and design ensures proper fit as swelling increases or decreases while providing therapeutic warmth to the affected area.


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