The LEGENDS are true!

Many are talking about them and maybe you have heard them too. The LEGENDS are spreading quickly about a new compression company in the neighborhood. Some say that this company’s founder had previously run the largest private label compression hosiery plant in the world.  Some are saying that the company has a 30+ year background in the […]

A Solution to Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

Here’s an injury so common to certain types of athletes, it’s named after an entire sport: tennis elbow.   As you might imagine, tennis elbow is an injury affecting the elbow, pain emanating from tennis racket usage. The Mayo Clinic defines tennis elbow more specifically as “a painful condition that occurs when tendons in your elbow […]

Hiking meets Compression to give you the LEGEND TUFF®!

Are you sizing up your next outdoor adventure? Trying to decide which of your socks could possibly withstand the high/low temperatures, the uneven grounds, the mid calf hiking boot rubbing and overall strain that your feet and lower legs experience during a challenging hike? That’s a tough question, but fortunately, LEGEND has a TUFF answer. Today we announce […]

Top 20 States for Half Marathons

As our team at LEGEND Compression Wear ventures into 2016 we are excited to help promote, educate and encourage the running community. Not just about compression, but also about other relevant and popular topics in the running industry. Kicking off the year we wanted to share some data around the half marathon, a race distance […]