• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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Classic Compression Sheer Thigh Highs 15-20 mmHg

Classic Compression Sheer Thigh Highs 15-20 mmHg


Our fashionable Classic Compression Sheer Thigh Highs will be your go-to secret weapon for your long work days. Whether you are always on your feet or suffering from varicose veins or other venous insufficiencies, our graduated compression technology can give you the support you are looking for. Our LEGEND fibers are lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking while providing the high quality therapeutic benefits of graduated compression hosiery. Keep your legs and feet feeling their best while looking your best, too. With classically inspired style and added 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression, you will have your colleagues begging to know where you got these sheer compression thigh highs!

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Classic Compression Sheer Thigh Highs 15-20 mmHg


  • Swelling in the legs or feet
  • Long distance travel
  • Prevention and treatment of mild venous symptoms
  • Mild varicosities
  • Heaviness and fatigue in the legs (tired, achy legs)
  • Standing or sitting for long hours at work


  • LEGEND’s Graduated Compression Technology
  • LEGEND® Fiber technology creates a fashionable sheer appearance with unmatched softness and durability
  • Moisture wicking microfiber for ultimate comfort
  • Dotted silicone top band for super hold and comfort
  • Latex free compression hosiery
  • Unique, double wrapped fiber provides ease of donning

The LEGEND LEGWEAR™ line offers the Classic Compression Sheer Thigh Highs that are stylish and comfortable. Our LEGEND® fibers are lightweight and breathable while providing the high quality therapeutic benefits of graduated compression. LEGEND’s compression thigh highs deliver outstanding moisture wicking performance to help keep moisture away from your skin to keep your feet feeling fresh while looking fashionable.

Who Should Wear Compression Stockings?

At LEGEND® Compression Wear, we believe that compression hosiery can be worn by anyone who wants to improve the health of their legs. However, the majority of consumers who are using compression hose are suffering from some form of discomfort in their legs and/or feet:

  • Patients with Circulatory Disorders: If you are suffering from varicose veins, swelling in the feet or other venous insufficiencies, then you will likely benefit from a pair of medical compression stockings such as these sheer thigh highs from LEGEND®.
  • Post-Surgery Patients: After a surgery, a physician will often prescribe compression thigh highs in order to provide a level of protection against deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and speed patient recovery.
  • High Frequency Travelers: Plane and long distance traveling can produce swelling in the feet and lower legs and produce a good deal of discomfort. It also heightens a risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Wearing a pair of compression thigh highs while you travel will keep your legs feeling fresh.
  • Everyday Style: It didn’t used to be this way, but  compression hosiery can now be considered “fashionable compression”. Our Classic Compression Sheer Thigh Highs provide all the support and style that you expect!

What level of graduated compression is right for me?

This is an important question to answer when you are buying compression hosiery products. It is important to seek the advice of a healthcare professional for proper fitting and compression level that is best for you. The following information from LEGEND® Compression Wear can help serve as a guide in choosing the proper level of graduated compression right for you:

15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression Level

This compression level is referred to as “moderate or therapeutic compression”.  The most common use is for frequent travelers; tired achy legs; those prone to mild swelling in legs, ankles and feet; during and after pregnancy; spider varicose veins and prolonged siting or standing. At LEGEND® Compression Wear, we encourage vascular wellness through our compression hosiery products. A moderate level of support is ideal for any individual who is looking to improve the health of their legs. 15-20 mmHg compression stockings are a great product that fits into the LEGEND Lifestyle, as we encourage people to not wait for a prescription, but rather choose compression proactively to extend the life of their legs!

20-30 mmHg Graduated Compression Level

This is what we would refer to as “firm or medical compression”. The most common use of 20-30 mmHg compression hose is for varicose veins; moderate swelling and edema; arterial and venous insufficiencies; reducing pooling of blood in the legs; protection against deep vein thrombosis (DVT); during and after pregnancy and  frequent and long distance travel. By providing a higher level of support, these support stockings are designed to improve blood flow and alleviate pain and increased levels of discomfort.

Graduated compression pushes de-oxygenated blood from the veins back to the heart and allows the flow of oxygen-rich blood back to your legs resulting in greater strength and vitality.

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Q & A

I have experience some swelling in my feet and legs over the last year. Will this product help alleviate that?
Yes. Compression Stockings are designed to promote blood flow and circulation that combats those frustrating aches and pains


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