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LEGEND® Ambassador Athletes

Meet the LEGEND Ambassador Athletes

We are proud to have these athletes supporting our brand. We strive to create products that encourage and empower runners, triathletes and all athletes to achieve their personal “LEGENDARY” goals, and we are excited to share part of that athletic journey with our many LEGEND® Athlete Ambassadors. Whether you are professional, elite, amateur or just starting out, we believe that you can … Be a LEGEND™! If you wish to join these other LEGEND Athletes, please click here or on the link below to request more information.

Our Ambassador Athletes enjoy perks such as:

  • Exclusive coupon codes and promotional offers
  • Early notification of new product development
  • Occasional FREE products

Name: Haley Gonzales

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: My favorite product is the performance socks because I love that they are not too tight, perfect for running and my legs recover faster when I wear them.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: My LEGENDARY goal for 2017 is a 20 minute 5k.


Name: Ameer Warrick

Favorite LEGEND Product: My favorite LEGEND compression product are the calf sleeves. They help me in all phases of my my training. From recovery to performance.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: My legendary goal this year is to complete a major triple of the Boston Marathon, Berlin marathon and New York marathons and get closer to 3:10 (3:21 PB)

melinda urick

Name: Melinda Urick


Favorite LEGEND Product: Compression Performance Socks are my favorite LEGEND product – particularly because they fit my calves comfortably without being restrictive. These socks help in preventing leg fatigue and calf tightness that I typically experience on long runs.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: I’ll be running my first 50k in the fall.


Name: Jennifer Coleman


Favorite LEGEND Product: Performance Sports socks! Love that they are just tight enough to run comfortable in without causing any discomfort. They have also been doubling up as a recovery sock with great results after a hard hill workout. Easy to get on and off and so soft!!! Big fan!

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: Complete my first 50 Mile trail race!

heather winchell runner

Name: Heather Winchell

Sport: Running

Website/blog name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: My favorite are the LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks. They are the perfect amount of tight and make me legs feel great both during and after a run.

LEGENDARY goal for 2017: get pregnant with baby #2 and be able to run and lift throughout the entire pregnancy <3 

stephanie hamm running ocr

Name: Stephanie Hamm

Sport: Running, OCR, Kettlebell Training

Website/blog name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: Right now the leg sleeves because I can wear them running and also when kettlebell training which I typically do barefoot. They keep my legs from cramping and feeling fresh.

LEGENDARY goal for 2017: To run a 25 minute 5km and Swing “the Beast” for a solid set of 10 (the Beast being a 48kg Kettlebell- 80% of my body weight)


Name: Debbie Woodruff

Website/Blog Name: Coach Debbie Runs 

Sport(s): Running

Favorite LEGEND® product and why: My favorites are the LEGEND Compression Performance Socks (pink!!!). I love them when I’m running because they’re cute and keep my calves warm. I really love them for recovery. I know that my recovery time is faster when I wear my Legend Compression socks after a race or tough workout.

LEGENDARY goal for 2017: I’m planning to run my 38th marathon this year in June at the Utah Valley Marathon!

Kristen Van Horn

Name: Kristen Van Horn

Website/blog name:

Sport: Running

Favorite LEGEND Product: The Sports Performance Socks.  They provide just the right amount of compression on calves + ankles, and help keep my arches supported to prevent plantar fasciitis flare-ups.

LEGENDARY goal for 2017: is to run a 19:45 in the 5K – this will be a 5-second PR for me and I know my LEGEND compression socks are going to help me stay healthy and injury-free during my training for my BIG goal!

Jason Knight compression wear ambassador

Name: Jason Knight

Website/blog name:

Jasmin Niemiec

Name: Jasmin Niemiec

Website/blog name:

Karen compression running socks ambassador

Name: Karen Gyurisin

Website/blog name:

david adams running ambassador

Name: David Adams

Website/blog name:

Favorite LEGEND product: LEGEND Compression Performance Sock. I love these compression socks because they are easy to put on and take off and the provide the support I’m looking for!

LEGENDARY goals for 2017: Break 18 mins in fire gear. Break 16:30 with a jogging stroller. Break the Guinness Book of World records for 1 mile in fire gear.

Rachel Frutkin LEGEND leg sleeves ambassador

Name: Rachel Frutkin

Website/blog name:

Whitney Vestal ambassador

Name: Whitney Vestal

Website/blog name:

Favorite LEGEND® product: hands down the Compression Recovery Socks because to be a better runner (and climber), you have to also be aware of non-running things like strength training, flexibility, and recovery. These socks help my recover fast after a race or workout and I can leave them on for long periods of time

LEGENDARY goal for 2017: To climb higher rated routes consistently and to achieve a personal record in the half marathon!

Amanda Kauffman compression ambassador

Name: Amanda Maureen

Website/blog name:


Name: Marcia Kadens

Website/blog name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: is a tie between the compression performance socks and the recovery socks.

LEGENDARY goal for 2017: is to spend the first half of the year focusing on triathlon then I’ll transition into marathon training and finish the Berlin Marathon in September. That will be my 4th of the 6 World Marathon Majors.


Name: Kelly Tobin

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: LEGEND Compression Performance socks in Blue because they keep my legs warm when running in the cooler months but allow me to wear shorts which I feel most comfortable in to run!  Love the bright colors and the help they give with circulation!

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: Get back to my running self after having a baby in the fall of 2016.  Going for a marathon this fall!


Name: Becky McGraw

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: My favorite product are the compression leg sleeves.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: In 2017, I am chasing Boston – trying to qualify for the 2018 Boston Marathon.


Name: Karen Bayne

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: I love compression and recovery socks! I often wear my compression and recovery socks at work all day.
Compression wear truly staves off calf fatigue and soreness and my legs feel rejuvenated and ready for my next workout sooner.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: My Legendary goals for 2017 ~ log 1,000 running miles, run 6 half marathons, and set a personal best to celebrate being 50! In April I ran a personal best 10K of 56:53 in an effort to #beaLEGEND and I am on track to meet my other goals!


Name: Kristy Thibodeau

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: My favorite Legend product is the Legend Compression Performance Socks. They provide a comfortable fit and assist in performance and recovery by reducing lower leg tightness and cramping on my longer training runs.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: My Legendary Goal for 2017 is the try to obtain a PR for my 10th marathon this year in Berlin.


Name: Dana Hamlin

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: LEGEND Compression Performance Socks – they keep my legs feeling fresh and I love the colors.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: Get back in the game after having my first child in January!


Name: Joshua Deuermeyer

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: My current favorite product from LEGEND is the calf sleeve. As a ultra runner, I depend on my calves to get me from the start to the finish. Before using these sleeves I would be unable to knock out a back-to-back long run due to my calves being so tender. Since I have been wearing them, I am able to 30 plus miles on Saturday and get back out on Sunday for more punishment. I have noticed the sleeves reduce DOMS if not eliminate it completely. My LEGEND calf sleeves are part of every long run. They are comfortable during my runs and I notice the support they provide.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: My LEGENDARY goal this year it to run the Yeti 100 in September. That means my training plan is going to be torturous this summer with the Virginia heat and humidity. I am also in the beginning stages of my run every day goal – just passed day 52.


Name: Holly Wilson

Website Name:

Favorite LEGEND Product: I love the Leg Sleeves because they aren’t too tight! You’ll often find them under my work clothes too.

LEGENDARY Goal for 2017: Complete my 50th half marathon!


Name: Teresa Bird

Website Name:


Name: Dale Erdmier

Website Name:


Name: Laurie Grandmont

Website Name:


Name: Kassondra Keller

Website Name:


Name: Jen Boudreau

Website Name:

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