“Feel the Power” of LEGEND® Compression Wear. Our high performance compression products are designed to improve your performance with all your sporting passions.  The power comes from LEGEND’s graduated compression technology. Learn more about the Benefits of Graduated Compression.

Through our unique compression technology, LEGEND’s intelligent sports gear will improve the performance of athletes at all levels of capability. From the elite triathlete to the weekend warrior, LEGEND® Compression Wear will improve energy, endurance and muscle recovery time.

LEGEND® Compression Sports Socks & Leg Sleeves promote blood circulation for maximum power, ability and faster muscle recovery.

To feel the true power of compression, all you need do is wear a pair of our LEGENDARY Compression Sports Socks or Leg Sleeves at the track, gym, trail or field. The difference is one you will truly feel.

What makes our scientifically proven compression socks the difference between a great run and a legendary run is the undeniable “Power of Compression”.                                             

You will surge ahead with our LEGEND sport compression socks & leg sleeves.

Learn more: How Compression Works.

Made for all sporting activities, LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks are the turbo boosters on your Iron Man suit. They enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, Achilles, calf and arch of the foot. Increased oxygen levels and blood circulation boost energy and reduce muscle fatigue, exertion & soreness. All of our LEGEND Compression Performance socks have seamless toe & cushion sole construction for maximum comfort. Run easier with our sports compression socks.

LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves are designed to provide all athletes with greater power output. They provide calf support, shin splint relief and decreased fatigue.  Our legendary sleeves provide a firm fit in the calves and shins to increase performance and endurance while stabilizing the muscles to help prevent injury.

Legend Compression Recovery Socks are designed for post-exercise recovery and travel. Our Recovery socks help relieve shin splints, calf cramps, Achilles injury, pulled muscles and muscle damage. With LEGEND Compression Recovery socks, you are assured a shorter recovery cycle and faster muscle repair. Enjoy your socks while traveling! Our graduated compression helps reduce swelling caused by venous reflux and blood pooling.

Everyday, more people are recognizing the Health & Wellness benefits of compression therapy products. The medical benefits of graduated compression have been widely proven to improve symptoms of discomfort, fatigue, swelling and venous insufficiencies. In recent years, our compression therapy products have been in high demand by mainstream consumers who demand the medical benefits of compression hosiery. This has led to a surge in growth in fashionable compression products for everyday use at lower compression levels.

We are proud to offer you a full-line of LEGEND LEGWEAR™ with graduated compression. Our fashionable compression line of sheers & socks are not only stylish, but also promote better blood circulation in your legs.  We invite you to try our legendary line of sheer & opaque knee high, thigh high and pantyhose stockings plus our amazing line of compression trouser socks for men and women. Very Comfortable! You’ll love the way they make your feet & legs feel.

LEGEND® Compression Wear products offer you the support you need to step-up your endurance game, while never at the expense of style. We design our products to meet all individual tastes so you can turn heads from not only your speed, but also your style.

At LEGEND® Compression Wear we believe that every fitness & health-seeking individual can be legendary in their own right, and that our compression socks, sleeves, legwear and apparel will help shape your own LEGEND Story.

“Feel the Power” of LEGEND® Compression Wear.