• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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Foot and Ankle Support

We have a large selection of LEGEND® compression socks that will help support your feet and legs, but for those times when additional support is needed, these foot and ankle supports and braces will provide just what you need. Check out the OS1st and New Balance products that are designed to protect and support your feet and ankles.

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  • (Sold in pairs or individual sleeves)

    The FS6 features 6 Zones of Compression and Relieves pain from plantar fasciitis, chronic arch & heel pain and achilles tendonitis Easy, Moisture Wicking Slip-On Therapy. For all sports.

    **XX-Large – Available in Black Only

    **Individual Sleeves available in Small – XL Black Only

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    (sold in pairs)

    6+5 Compression Zones

    Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints and leg cramps.

    Easy, Moisture Wicking Slip-On Therapy

    For all sports
    OS1st Sports




    ** XX-Large- Available in Black Only

  • Do you struggle with weak ankles? Ankle pain? Achilles Tendonitis? The AF7® Ankle Bracing Sleeve is designed to stabilize without immobilizing for relief and balance while remaining active. The AF7 provides medial and lateral stabilization for greater balance & fall prevention. Featuring 7 layers of zone compression, this unique thin profile bracing sleeve is soft, moisture-wicking and can be worn comfortably under socks and inside any shoe making it more comfortable and effective than traditional splints and braces. Available in black only. Sold as single sleeve.

    Make sure you have the right fit. Check out the Sizing Chart

  • New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

    Applies support and compression to the achilles tendon. May help to reduce inflammation and minimize some of the chronic ailments caused by tendonitis. The adjustable heel strap design provides the flexibility to increase or decrease pressure on the heel, helping to alleviate strain to the achillies tendon.

    Adjustable – One Size

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Showing all 4 results