• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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The LEGEND® Difference

What Makes LEGEND® Compression Wear Different?

At LEGEND® Compression Wear we eat, sleep, run, hike, fly and live compression. We are much more than a company that manufactures and sells graduated compression products. LEGEND® is focused on extending the life of your legs and feet. Our goal is to inspire all who come in touch with our Brand to reach new levels of performance in sports, work and life. After all, LEGENDARY performance requires LEGENDARY support.

We Know Compression

When it comes to graduated compression, our knowledge is unsurpassed. President and Founder John Thomas spent 30 years in the medical industry and before LEGEND®, ran the largest private label manufacturing plant of compression hosiery in the world. When we say that we know compression, we mean it! What does that mean for you? It means when you wear LEGEND® Compression Wear, you are wearing the highest quality compression on the market, designed specifically to meet your needs, whether for sport or everyday activities.

Check out our Company Story video and get to know our President and Founder John Thomas and how LEGEND® Compression Wear came to be.

We do it all with our LEGEND Lifestyle

When we say we eat, sleep, run, hike, fly, work and live compression, we really mean it. It is our belief that graduated compression shouldn’t just be a prescription from a doctor, but rather a lifestyle choice to extend the life of your legs. That is why we decided to offer both sports compression and everyday compression, to give you the opportunity to live the LEGEND Lifestyle and reap the benefits of graduated compression throughout the day. By taking care of your legs and feet with our products, our goal is to help you enjoy your sporting and everyday passions longer into life.

Made in the USA

We proudly manufacture products in the USA. Why is this important LEGEND®? We love being able to keep and provide jobs here in the states, specifically locally in our home state of North Carolina. Why is this important to you? Because manufacturing in the USA gives us the opportunity to pass on a number of benefits. You get the highest assurance of quality, the most innovative design features and ultimately the best value for your dollar.

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