• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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Do you love exploring the outdoors? Our LEGEND TUFF™ Merino Wool Compression Hike/Outdoor Socks is our premier sock for hiking. Complimenting the LEGEND TUFF are our LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks and Compression Leg Sleeves, which are also great choices for the avid hiking/outdoors person. Find here what you need for your next hike!

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  • Demand that your sports compression socks be LEGENDARY. Our Unisex LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks provide the perfect support and comfort to improve performance for runners and all athletes. Our popular sports compression socks are designed for all sporting activities to enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, Achilles, calf and arch of the foot. Our unique Graduated Compression Technology improves blood flow & oxygen levels so you to can run stronger, train harder and recover faster. Proudly Made in the USA True to Fit. Check our Sizing Chart

  • Your legs deserve LEGENDARY support!  LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves are designed to provide calf support, shin splint relief and decreased fatigue.  LEGEND’s Graduated Compression Technology provides maximum blood flow for muscle performance and endurance. Our popular unisex sleeves stabilize the leg muscles to help prevent calf cramps and shin splints during all sporting activities.  Runners and all athletes will benefit from a pair of our LEGENDARY sports compression leg sleeves.  Proudly Made in the USA. Find your Size – Check our Sizing Chart

  • LEGEND TUFF®. Designed for those who demand comfort & durability. Our Unisex LEGENDARY Compression Hike/Outdoor Socks provide the ideal blend of comfort and performance for the avid outdoor adventurer. Cushion on the sole and shin along with our seamless toe construction make these socks extremely comfortable in any hiking shoe. With graduated compression technology, these unique mid-calf compression hiking socks provide improved blood flow and circulation that will combat tired and achy feet. Our soft merino wool fabric is moisture wicking, odor resistant and temperature regulating providing you the perfect sock to explore the great outdoors. Proudly Made in the USA.

    True to Fit. Check our Sizing Chart


  • (Sold in pairs or individual sleeves)

    The FS6 features 6 Zones of Compression and Relieves pain from plantar fasciitis, chronic arch & heel pain and achilles tendonitis Easy, Moisture Wicking Slip-On Therapy. For all sports.

    **XX-Large – Available in Black Only

    **Individual Sleeves available in Small – XL Black Only

  • OS1st Logo 2015

    (sold in pairs)

    6+5 Compression Zones

    Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints and leg cramps.

    Easy, Moisture Wicking Slip-On Therapy

    For all sports
    OS1st Sports




    ** XX-Large- Available in Black Only

  • (Sold in Pairs)

    The CS6 Performance Calf Sleeve features 6 Zones of Compression. For all sports, these unique bracing calf sleeves promote healthy circulation, support the calf muscle and stabilize the Achilles tendon. Ideal for shin splints and leg cramps. Easy, Moisture Wicking Slip-On Therapy.

  • New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

    Provides medial/lateral compression and support to the knee. The adjustable design allows flexibility to increase or decrease support and compression if swelling is present.

    Adjustable – One Size


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