• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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When you are walking the fairways, it is critical to have great support for your legs and feet. LEGEND’s Compression Golf Socks provide superior support and comfort that promote a strong base from which to power your swing. By improving blood circulation, padding the foot, and stabilizing your lower leg muscles, golfers can expect to feel better and play more without fear of tired and achy feet.

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  • Demand that your sports compression socks be LEGENDARY. Our Unisex LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks provide the perfect support and comfort to improve performance for runners and all athletes. Our popular sports compression socks are designed for all sporting activities to enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, Achilles, calf and arch of the foot. Our unique Graduated Compression Technology improves blood flow & oxygen levels so you to can run stronger, train harder and recover faster. Proudly Made in the USA True to Fit. Check our Sizing Chart

  • Your legs deserve LEGENDARY support!  LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves are designed to provide calf support, shin splint relief and decreased fatigue.  LEGEND’s Graduated Compression Technology provides maximum blood flow for muscle performance and endurance. Our popular unisex sleeves stabilize the leg muscles to help prevent calf cramps and shin splints during all sporting activities.  Runners and all athletes will benefit from a pair of our LEGENDARY sports compression leg sleeves.  Proudly Made in the USA. Find your Size – Check our Sizing Chart

  • Unisex

    LEGEND® Compression Wear

    Designed for post-exercise recovery and travel. Ideal for reducing muscle soreness & fatigue.

    Firm Support (20-30 mmHg) MADE IN THE USA

  • The ES6 compression elbow sleeve is designed to move as you move. It sports 6 different zones of compression technology to give you the utmost support for a variety of conditions, such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis, and carpel tunnel.

    One (1) single sleeve per package.


    Available in black or natural. Not sure on what size to buy? Check out the size chart here!


    Golf Compression Sock

    Unisex Socks

    Cushion Sole with Moisture Wicking

    15-20 mmHg

    Moderate Support

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    3 Zones of Compression

    Relieves Tennis & Golf Elbow symptoms and general elbow pain.

    Easy, Moisture Wicking Slip-On Therapy.

    For all sports

    OS1st Sports

  • New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

    Applies pressure to the tendon area to help minimize painful tennis elbow problems. Direct compression on the tendon is enhanced by a massaging gel pad. The adjustable design provides the flexibility to increase or decrease compression based on the wearer’s needs.

    Adjustable – One Size

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  • New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

    Provides mild compressive support and therapeutic warmth to the elbow area helping to stabilize the elbow and promote healing.

    S/M: 8 1/2″-10 1/2″; L/XL: 11″-13″

    Measure circumference around elbow

  • New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

    Provides adjustable medial and lateral compression and support to the elbow area. The adjustable design provides the flexibility to increase or decrease support and compression based on the wearer's needs.

    XL/2XL: up to 25″; 3XL/4XL: up to 28″

    Measure circumference around elbow

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