• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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LEGEND® Compression Merino Wool Hike/Outdoor Socks – Unisex

LEGEND® Compression Merino Wool Hike/Outdoor Socks – Unisex

(4 customer reviews)


LEGEND TUFF®. Designed for those who demand comfort & durability. Our Unisex LEGENDARY Compression Hike/Outdoor Socks provide the ideal blend of comfort and performance for the avid outdoor adventurer. Cushion on the sole and shin along with our seamless toe construction make these socks extremely comfortable in any hiking shoe. With graduated compression technology, these unique mid-calf compression hiking socks provide improved blood flow and circulation that will combat tired and achy feet. Our soft merino wool fabric is moisture wicking, odor resistant and temperature regulating providing you the perfect sock to explore the great outdoors. Proudly Made in the USA.

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LEGEND® Compression Merino Wool Hike/Outdoor Socks- Unisex

LEGEND TUFF®! These socks are inspired for LEGENDARY performance & durability. Featuring graduated compression technology, these merino wool hiking socks offer everything the avid hiking/outdoors person needs from their socks. The mild but effective compression level helps improve blood flow and circulation to keep your legs and feet feeling strong and fresh during your outdoor adventures. The soft merino wool is naturally moisture wicking, breathable and naturally odor resistant which creates a comfortable feel to round out the perfect hiking sock. The temperature regulating features of merino wool warms your feet in cold temperatures and cools your feet in hot temperatures. All of our merino wool socks have a nylon wrapped covering to make them extra durable and LEGEND TUFF®.


  • Made in the USA in our North Carolina mill
  • Over 50% merino wool content for maximum performance.
  • Graduated Compression reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and recovery time after those long hikes.
  • Graduated Compression designed to promote blood circulation, endurance and overall performance.
  • Durable & Comfortable: Cushion on the sole of foot & legs for comfort.
  • Soft. The secret to merino wool softness is it’s exceptional fine fibers.
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Moisture wicking & breathable to keep you dry
  • Warm & Cool: Merino Wool is an active fiber that reacts to change in body temperature. You stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.
  • Arch support designed to provide comfort and minimal sock movement to prevent blisters.
  • Machine washable
  • Natural barrier to UV
  • LEGEND logo on toe signifies premium quality

KEY CONSTRUCTION ATTRIBUTES (from the toe to the top of the sock):

  • Seamless toe construction eliminates shoe irritation
  • Terry cushion on sole and shin
  • Nylon wrapped merino wool for softness and durability
  • Spandex keeps socks up and in place
  • Clencher over arch of foot

Key Benefits Expanded:

Improved Endurance for hiking: By promoting proper blood circulation these socks are designed to support hikers as they navigate uneven terrain. The mild graduated compression provides the right amount of support for your legs to perform at their best!

Temperature Regulating- Keep Cool & Stay Warm: The unique merino wool fabrics naturally help to keep your feet cool on hot days as well as keep them warm on cold days. By helping to keep your feet at the right temperature, it will help to keep the rest of your body at the right temperature as well, making for more comfortable hiking conditions.

Reduce fatigue & Soreness: By using our Compression Hiking/Outdoor Socks, you will find that your time needed to recover between adventures becomes shorter. By promoting proper blood circulation through graduated compression these socks will help to reduce tired and achy feet.

Additional information

Weight 3.4 oz
Dimensions 11.75 × 5 × .75 in

Charcoal Grey, Mossy Green

Sizing Chart


4 reviews

  1. Whitney (verified owner)

    As an avid runner, I’ve always used compression socks and sleeves for performance. I’ve also been an avid HIKER for all my life. I have NEVER found a great sock to hike in, until now! Let alone do these provide performance boosting compression, they also keep my feet comfy – not over heated and not cold (I have a tendency to get too cold). Even though I’m not racing anyone to the top of a hike, these socks help my feet from getting tired too soon. They are great!

  2. Jocelyn Kearns

    I love these socks! I have tried so many different socks and my feet always end up sweating and then I get cold. These are the only socks that have worked for me. They absorb the moisture and keep me (and my feet) warm and toasty.

  3. Daryl

    First of alI I am not a hiker!
    Secondly, these socks are Awesome.
    I have some major foot issues/pain and the cushioning in this sock is a dream come true.
    So far, I’ve got 3 pair and am working on acquiring enough pair to wear them every day. I’m ordering 2 more pair today!
    Would recommend these socks to anyone I care about( hiker or not)

  4. Ben Barras

    These socks are amazing! I tried a couple of pair while vacationing in Whitefish, Montana, while on Spring Break. I skied in them for about 6.5 hours in all sorts of tough terrain. Was soaking wet with perspiration everywhere when I returned to my Lodge…EXCEPT my socks, which were amazingly dry. My feet were warm and comfortable the entire day. The next day I spent about 7 hours fishing and hiking in the Valley, and again, my feet were never tired, nor cold, and remained comfortable the whole time. Great product. Much better than the more expensive Smart Wool and other higher price brands I’ve tried. I wish there were gloves made out of this same material! My hands and feet always get cold while skiing and hiking, this was the first time at least my feet stayed warm! Please make Legend Tuff gloves!

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