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Sports Compression Guide

LEGEND® Sports Compression

Athletes benefit in many ways from our sports compression products, also referred to as athletic compression. Our sports compression socks and leg sleeves are designed for all sports to enhance performance, reduce injuries, speed recovery and extend the life of your legs.  Runners, triathletes, hikers, tennis players and all athletes alike, these athletic compression socks and leg sleeves are designed to help you unlock LEGENDARY performance!

Sports Compression
Drives Performance

Sports compression socks and leg sleeves (calf sleeves) help athletes perform at the highest level each and every day. Targeted graduated compression support helps put athletes bodies in a place for peak performance by optimizing blood circulation and containing muscle groups. Our LEGEND® compression socks, leg sleeves and various other compression products offer athletes the support and comfort they need each and every day.

Sports Compression
Speeds Recovery

Recovery is crucial to an athlete’s success. LEGEND’s graduated compression technology is medically designed to help athletes recovery faster. We believe in optimizing your recovery through compression using a two step process:

  • Recovery starts by wearing performance compression while you train and compete. Supporting your legs and feet with a 15-20 mmHg therapuetic level of graduated compression during those long hours lessens the wear and tear you are putting on them. 
  • Next, switch to recovery compression post training and competition. Use a higher level of compression, like our 20-30 mmHg medical grade recovery socks, to really push out lactic acid and speed muscle recovery and repair.

Sports Compression
Improves Endurance

Endurance is critical to all athletes in all sports. LEGEND® sports compression socks and leg sleeves improve endurance for training and competing. Increased blow flow, decreased injuries and less muscle vibration allows athletes to push themselves harder for longer. Additionally, by utilizing LEGEND® Compression Wear athletes are able to extend the life of their legs and improve the endurance of their athletic careers. 

Running & Compression
The Trend

Compression socks have quickly taken over the running community. Marathon, Half-Marathon and Triathlon athletes alike are turning to running compression socks and leg sleeves for training and racing. LEGEND’s graduated compression products are light weight and compress just right to fuel strong runs and quick recovery. They help improve body awareness for runners and keep muscles in place to reduce/slow muscle fatigue.

Running & Compression
Socks vs Leg Sleeves

The biggest decision runners have when it comes to graduated compression is whether you prefer compression running socks or leg sleeves (calf sleeves). For most runners, it usually comes down to sock preference. Leg sleeves for runners offer the flexibility to experience the benefits of graduated compression and to choose your favorite pair of socks. Alternatively, compression running socks offer you the benefit of moderate compression in the foot of the sock for greater arch support. Either way, when runners choose compression it’s a LEGENDARY choice!

Sports Compression
Includes the Outdoors

At LEGEND®, sports compression isn’t limited to just “marathon socks” and running leg sleeves. We also manufacture merino wool graduated compression outdoor socks to support outfitters and outdoor athletes who enjoy sporting activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing and more. Avid outdoorsman and women put a high demand on their legs and feet and should demand the best when it comes to their outdoor socks. Graduated compression socks help alleviate tired and achy feet and help get you back to your next adventure sooner! Our LEGEND TUFF® socks offer extra durability and soft cushion for greater comfort during all your outdoor adventures. A perfect choice for an all-around outdoor sock

Compression for all Sports

One of the up and coming popular sports for compression socks and calf sleeves is Tennis. With plenty of change of direction, tennis players benefit from graduated compression by stabilizing muscle oscillation and limiting calf cramps and shin splints. By using athletic compression socks or calf sleeves, tennis athletes are more apt to thrive late in a match and win those crucial points to finish a final set.

Compression for all Sports
Team Sports

Basketball, football, baseball, hockey and other team sports can benefit from compression as well.  Over time, these athletes will feel the challenge that high intensity sports have on their bodies and performance. Graduated compression socks and leg sleeves (calf sleeves) are great tools to utilize during travel to and from competition, particularly as it relates to recovery. Team sports athletes also can benefit from compression during practice and competition by improving circulation, decreasing shin splints and fewer calf cramps.

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