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Thigh/Quad/IT Band Support

Do you suffer from hamstring strain, quad pain or a groin pull? Do you need support to alleviate stress on the iliotibial band to minimize pain? Don’t let the pain and discomfort caused by pulls to the quadriceps and hamstring areas keep you from doing things you love. Use one of our braces or supports listed here to alleviate discomfort and keep you in the game. Stay active!

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  • The QS4 Performance Quad Sleeve with Compression Zone Technology® is an all-in-one quad and ITB brace. Designed to ease quad pain, reduce swelling and relieve iliotibial band syndrome. Whether you are experiencing ITBS, quad strains, hamstring weakness or leg fatigue, this compression sleeve was designed with you in mind. Easy to put on and take off, this unique 4 zone compression sleeve is moisture wicking, soft and comfortable. Try the QS4 today!

    Make sure you have the right fit. Check out the Sizing Chart

  • New Balance® Titanium Ti22 Sports Medicine

    Provides compression, support, and thermal therapy to help reduce muscle strains and pulls to the quadriceps and hamstring areas.

    S/M: 16″-20″; L/XL:20″-24″

    Measure circumference around largest part of thigh

Showing all 2 results