Compression Socks for Traveling

How can compression socks help during travel? While you are sitting on a plane or in a car for long hours, blood can pool in your feet and ankles due to gravity, causing swelling and potential blood clots. Wearing compression socks for traveling (such as LEGEND support socks) can help prevent that. Graduated compression also aids in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which are both possible ailments after a lot of flight time. The graduated compression technology puts pressure on your veins, which quickens the pace of the blood flow to your muscles and back to your heart. This keeps your blood oxygenated, circulating properly, and decreases the risk of clotting or pooling.

Wearing LEGEND support socks during your flights or long car rides will make your legs feel rejuvenated when you are finally able to stand up and stretch those muscles. They won’t feel stiff, tired, or achy thanks to LEGEND’s high quality compression technology.