LEGEND® featured in May/June Sports Insight Magazine


This June LEGEND® was featured in the Sports Insight Magazine. This May/June edition has an article titled “Big Time.” In this article, brands give their opinion on compression’s status as a mainstream category and share insight on how to best discuss the category with consumers.

If you’re interested in the socks featured in the article, click here to learn more and to purchase. John Thomas, LEGEND® President and Founder, is quoted in the article. Below are clips of the article:

“In the running specialty market, compression is getting closer to mainstream based on those that have heard of it or wear it. Even with that said, many in the running community don’t totally understand how graduated compression works and all the performance and recovery attributes. There are often misperceptions. Buyers of compression are either very astute to its benefits or have heard from a friend or coach that they need to try compression for recovery and better blood circulation and to reduce sore feet and legs after a log run. Outside the running specialty niche, we believe there is still a lot of time needed to invest in educating the market. For years, graduated compression was a prescription from a doctor and the challenge now is to help the mainstream consumers see the technology as a proactive choice that benefits their overall health and fitness.”

– John J. Thomas, Owner and Founder, LEGEND Compression Wear

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