TJ Johnson – Everyday Compression Interview

Athletes aren’t the only ones using their legs all the time. Professionals everywhere spend hours a day on their feet whether it be moving from meeting to meeting or patient to patient. Thankfully, there is now relief for professionals who experience swelling that results from traveling or long hours of walking. TJ Johnson, CEO of HTG Molecular Diagnostics, shared with us in an interview about his experience with LEGEND Everyday compression wear.
Q: How were you first introduced to compression and what was your first impression of it?  
A: Starting running a few years ago and bought compression socks with my running shoes.  Made a quick impact on leg recovery after running, especially at my age 
Q: In what ways do you use compression?  
A: I wear compression for workouts and business travel. Especially days where I’m flying across the country and sitting or standing for long periods of time.
Q: What benefits have you seen from wearing sports compression?  
A: Less feeling or wear and tear on my shins and feet. I like the feel of support and tightness. I can work out longer and more frequently.
Q: What benefits have you seen from wearing everyday compression at work?  
A: I spend more time at work than any other activity. Most of my socks are compression of some sort and I now prefer the compression feel vs loose fit. Dress shoes are not the most comfortable shoes so the compression socks help offset the general uncomfortableness of dress shoes.
Q: What would you like to share with those who are not familiar with compression?  
A: Once you try it you won’t want to go back to regular socks. They are pricey as compared but totally worth it.

If you are a professional who experiences fatigue after long work days, give LEGEND Everyday compression socks a try. As TJ said, “Once you try it, you won’t go back to regular socks!” Click here to learn more and to purchase LEGEND everyday compression socks.

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