Compression Socks for Hiking

Hiking is all about preparation. You pack your backpack with emergency flairs, waterproof matches, granola, a canteen, and a 12-hour thermos. You put on a fleece, rainproof windbreaker, and heavy-duty hiking boots. You brought a hiking stick, compass, and solar-powered hot plate, but even amidst all that thoughtful (and perhaps overbearing) planning, you probably didn’t put nearly as much thought into what socks you put on, and that may be your greatest mistake of all…

Hiking is one of the most intense workouts you could ever subject your legs and feet to – for hours at a time, you are walking on uneven terrain, up sharp inclines, and in stiff footwear. There is little time for breaks, because you aren’t finished until the day is over and you make it back to the car. And that’s not to mention the pounding soreness you will be enduring all the way home and all the next day.

This is why you should never leave on a hiking trip without first putting on a pair of compression hiking socks. LEGEND TUFF® Compression Merino Wool Socks from LEGEND® Compression Wear offer the comfort you seek out of a standard pair of wool hiking socks, but are also fortified with graduated compression to enhance blood flow and prevent fatigue and achiness. Compression socks for hiking are specifically designed to keep your feet dry and cool during periods of hot activity, as well as to promote a speedy recovery on the way home and around the house.

Wearing compression socks for hiking is one of the most important practical considerations you can make before hitting the trails, so never again leave home without a pair of LEGEND TUFF® compression hiking socks!

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