How Long to Wear Compression Socks

If you are wondering how long to wear compression socks, you are not alone.   While, there is really no bad time to put on a pair of compression socks, but there are definitely more critical times than others in order to receive the full health benefits of graduated compression.

If you are a runner or athlete, knowing how long to wear compression socks is the key to a faster, more thorough recovery, and shorter rest times between training sessions.

Quite simply, compression socks should be worn during all periods of physical activity, as well as in the hours to follow while recovering. This includes time spent sitting, eating, reading, watching TV, etc.   The only time it doesn’t really make sense to wear graduated compression is while reclined and sleeping.

Because poor blood circulation is a symptom of gravity pooling blood from the legs to the feet – which is only exacerbated by physical activity, compression is best worn when your legs are in the upright position (i.e. whether that means sitting, standing, or running).

So how long to wear compression socks is really more a question of how long you keep your legs on the ground. The more ways you do, the more ways it makes sense to throw on a pair of LEGEND® Compression wear and feel utterly amazing.

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