How To Put On Compression Stockings

The best time of the day to put on your compression stockings is in the morning. Make sure your feet and legs are completely dry! It may help, also, to wear gloves while putting your stockings on for extra grip and a lesser chance of ripping them.

Make sure the stockings are in the right placement with your toes, heel, and ankle prior to stepping in to them. Don’t bunch them like you might with regular stockings. This could stretch the compression material and make them less effective.

The easiest way to start is to turn your stockings inside out. Place your toes in position with the toe of the stocking and guide the material over them. Gently pull the stocking over your foot and heel. Make sure the placement is correct on your heel before you bring the rest of the stocking over your ankle and up your calf (and to your thigh, if you have thigh-highs).

Check where the top band is sitting on your leg. If you have knee-high compression stockings, the band should sit two finger widths below the bend of your knee. For thigh-high compression stockings, they should rest all the way at the top of your thigh.

At the end of the day, taking off your compression hosiery is simple. Flip the top band down so it is inside out, and peel downward toward your foot. This “peeling” action will prevent the material from bunching around your ankle and making it harder to get off. Keep pulling your stocking off your foot. Short, gentle tugs will be more effective and will be less likely to over stretch the compression than constant pulling.

Once your compression stocking is off, it will be inside out and ready to wash! After washing, slide your arm into the stocking, grab the toe, and pull to bring them right side out and ready to wear again.

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