Compression Socks and Sleeves

The question of “socks vs sleeves” has been ongoing for a long time in the fitness community. Most of the time, it simply comes down to personal preference.

Wearing calf sleeves allows someone to benefit from the compression technology, and lets them wear their go-to pair of socks (even if they aren’t LEGEND compression socks). Another benefit of wearing the sleeves is you are able to wear them with a pair of open toe sandals! They are easy to slip on if you are running out the door and don’t want to lace up your running shoes.

If you travel a lot or have long periods of inactivity, compression socks are going to be more ideal for you. The socks keep blood from pooling in your feet and ankles and prevent blood clots if you’re flying or sitting for long time periods. LEGEND compression socks have the graduated compression technology needed to grasp these benefits.

On another note, there have been reviews saying that compression sleeves are more triathlon friendly. They are much easier to peel off and keep you moving as you switch from swimming to cycling. Trying to pull socks on to a wet leg can be difficult and time consuming (however, LEGEND compression socks have been designed to be easier to get on and off). Triatheletes have also been known to wear compression sleeves under their tri-suits so they don’t have to worry about any interference while they race.

When it comes to recovery, compression socks and sleeves can both be used. Socks are typically more popular because they encompass from your toes all the way up your calf. If you use sleeves for recovery, make sure the compression isn’t too tight around your ankle. LEGEND and its “right not tight” campaign strive to get the right amount of compression for each individual, rather than just having tight compression that may not do what it’s supposed to for you. Whether you choose LEGEND compression socks or sleeves, we can guarantee they will be right for you.

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