Why Use Compression Running Socks?

Selecting the right pair of running socks may seem like a trivial task, and often considered secondary to picking the right pair of running shoes. But picking the right running socks is a decision that shouldn’t be worn lightly.

Runners who choose compression sports performance socks over traditional running socks swear by the benefits they get out of them after competitions and heavy workouts. Former 10,000 meter record-holder Chris Solinsky is one such runner. Solinsky was wearing compression socks when he set a new American record a few years back, saying in an interview with Competition.com, “I found I was able to come off the workouts much, much quicker.”

Compression socks are proven within the medical community to be helpful in supporting a healthy increase in blood flow for sufferers of various venous deficiencies. But graduated compression technology is also beneficial in sports performance socks for helping athletes prevent injury, defy fatigue, and recover more quickly.

In Phase IV, an interesting article entitled, “Compression garments: Do they influence athletic performance and recovery?” reviews how sport compression socks can positively influence athletic performance and recovery.

So how can compression socks help you? Simple: You don’t have to be gunning for a new record. You may just be a casual runner in need of better running socks.  The benefits of graduated compression in your running performance socks make a world of a difference for your legs both during and after workouts. You’ll start to notice a reduction in cramping and shin splints, and an increase in stride and comfort.

If you love your legs, and rely on them to push you past your next obstacle, you should show them you care. Do your research, and buy the right running shoes. Soak your legs after long periods of heavy impact sports activities. And for the love of your legs, get yourself some compression running socks.

LEGEND® Compression Wear offers a full line of compression performance running socks to suit your individual leg needs, offer graduated compression to support healthy blood circulation and a level of comfort you won’t find in most ordinary running socks. Find yours here soon when we launch our line of Performance Sport Compression Socks!

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