• Graduated compression for improved performance.

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“Sharp and Sporty” Business Man’s Combo #2

“Sharp and Sporty” Business Man’s Combo #2


As part of our LEGEND Lifestyle Collection, this “Sharp and Sporty” Business Man’s Combo includes our Graduated Compression Leg Sleeves and Business Ribbed Dress Socks to offer the fitness focused business professional a great option to care for his legs both at work and on the run! Choose from 7 different colors of LEGEND® leg sleeves

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Find your Business Ribbed Socks Size – Sizing Chart


black leg sleeve front

1 x LEGEND Compression Leg Sleeves

Designed for all sporting activities

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dress socks

1 x LEGEND Business Ribbed Compression Dress Socks 15-20 mmHg - Unisex

For the at your desk or on the go business professional

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“Sharp and Sporty” Business Man’s Graduated Compression Combo

As part of the LEGEND Lifestyle Collection of Combos, this Leg Sleeves + Business Ribbed Dress Socks combination offers the perfect blend of athletic compression and dress compression for the everyday business professional. For the many individuals who like to train in the mornings and/or evenings, but have to work a 9-5 during the week, these two products combine to really care for your legs during those long days.

More about the LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves

Our Legendary Leg Sleeves are designed to provide all athletes with greater power output. They provide calf support, shin splint relief and reduce leg fatigue & soreness. LEGEND® uses medical grade graduated compression in our popular leg sleeves to provide a firm fit in the calves and shins to increase performance and endurance while stabilizing the muscles to help prevent injury. Our Legend® Compression Leg Sleeves also feature the innovative” Power Band” at the ankle for incredible durability. These sleeves are built for runners, cyclers, triathletes, CrossFitters, golfers and most other sporting activities. Available in a wide range of colors to match your style.


  • Relieves shin splints, calf cramps and pulled muscles
  • Graduated compression for increased athletic performance
  • Greater power output
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Increase oxygen levels and blood circulation
  • Reduced muscle fatigue, exertion and soreness
  • Faster recovery time
  • Promotes healing
  • Reduce vibration
  • Maximum blood flow for muscle performance
  • Reduction of lactic acid
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable, seamless construction for comfort
  • UV protection

More about the LEGEND® Business Ribbed Compression Dress Socks (15-20 mmHg) – Unisex

As part of the LEGEND LEGWEAR™ line these Business Ribbed Compression Dress Socks are designed with business men and women alike in mind. They are a high quality fashionable compression dress sock that provides the therapeutic benefits of graduated compression. They also have outstanding moisture wicking performance to keep your fee feeling cool and dry. They are a great addition to the other fashionable compression socks that we offer.


  • Swelling in the legs or feet
  • Long distance travel
  • Prevention and treatment of mild venous symptoms
  • Mild varicosities
  • Heaviness and fatigue in the legs (tired, achy legs)
  • Standing or sitting for long hours at work


  • Soft to the touch, Microfiber technology which aids in the ease of application
  • Extra wide top band for maximum comfort
  • Y-gore toe pocket for a more relaxed toe fit
  • Y-gore heel pocket design that fits to the natural curve of the heel
  • Fully Seamless sock
  • Latex free

Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 11.75 × 5 × .5 in

Aqua, Black, Blue, Lavender, Pink, White, Yellow

Sizing Chart



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