LEGEND™ Race Team | Race 13.1 Charlotte

LEGEND® Sponsors Race 13.1 Charlotte

Over the weekend LEGEND® participated as a local sponsor for the Race 13.1 Charlotte Half Marathon. It was a great opportunity to be a part of a race and see all the participants display great courage to accomplish their goals. The LEGEND® team was very proud of their LEGEND® Racers for strong finishes.

President and Founder John Thomas said, “We were happy to partner with Race 13.1 and be a part of a strong event here in Charlotte. We loved seeing the great effort and accomplishment displayed by the racers, and enjoyed the opportunity speak with and encourage them to care for their legs through our graduated compression technology.” This Race 13.1 Charlotte Half Marathon was the first race sponsorship in the company’s short history and LEGEND® will continue to look for more strategic partners to help the company reach runners where they are.

A few highlights from the race included the company’s very own LEGEND® race team who ran well in the Half Marathon distance. LEGEND® also was happy to provide a free pair of Compression Performance Socks to the Overall Half Marathon Male Winner, Bert Rodriguez and Female Winner, Kelly Meyer. “We are confident that these socks will help keep their legs strong and healthy, propelling them to many more legendary race performances.” comments John Thomas after the winners ceremony.

LEGEND® Compression Wear is one of very few compression-focused companies to offer Performance Sport Compression, Casual/Dress Compression, and Compression Hosiery. LEGEND® is focused on providing highly innovative compression products to encourage athletes and individuals of all professions to …Be a LEGEND™. The company strives to provide LEGENDARY support through each and every product, in order to promote healthy support for your life and your legs. LEGEND® runs its day-to-day operations out of Denton, North Carolina. For more information visit – http://legendcompressionwear.com/

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