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The mission of LEGEND® Compression Wear is to improve the performance of every athlete—from the casual jogger to the competitive triathlete. Our goal to promote the notion that LEGENDS are created from great people, great courage and great accomplishments. …Be a LEGEND™. Please share your LEGEND story. Let us know how you or a champion in your life accomplished the extraordinary through great courage and determination. Be it through sports or another type of victory, we want to hear what inspires you.  …SO WE CAN BE INSPIRED. Share your story by replying in the comment section below. We look forward to posting your LEGEND Story here.

One thought on “Share your LEGEND® story

  1. My name is Candi Legursky, although I am not an athlete, I am in my mid forties, work two jobs, spent almost thirty years morbidly obese and have gone through two pregnancies…so my legs have been through a lot! A couple of years ago I developed varicose veins in both legs. During the day my legs ache and rarely feel comfortable, by the end of the day my legs feel tired and heavy. A few weeks ago I began using LEGEND compression socks at work. The difference on a daily basis is remarkable, my legs feel lighter with no aching…and as the day wears on I no longer get the tired and heavy feeling in my legs. The compression wear is comfortable, looks like ordinary dress socks, and provides a level of support that is unmatched in my experience. Even if you are not an athlete, LEGEND Compression Wear will give your legs new life!

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