LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves, Performance/Recovery Socks Sizing

LEGEND Compression Leg Sleeves and Socks sizing chart

All LEGEND® Sock & Knee High Sizing

*All Casual sock, Simply Sheer and Microfiber Opaque Collections

sock knee high sizing chart

All LEGEND® Thigh High & Pantyhose Sizing

*All Simply Sheer and Microfiber Opaque Collections

pantyhose sizing chart

OS1st™ CS6 Sleeve Sizing

OS1st™ FS6 Foot Sleeve Sizing

foot sizing chart

OS1st™ FS6+ Foot & Calf Sleeve Sizing

compression sizing chart for foot & calf

OS1st™ KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve Sizing

patella compression sizing chart

OS1st™ ES3 Performance Elbow Sleeve Sizing

elbow sizing chart

OS1st™ PS3 Performance Patella Sleeve Sizing

OS1st™ WS6 Performance Wrist Sleeve Sizing