Marquette Partnership

Announcing Partnership with Marquette University


Denton NC, United States – November 6, 2015

LEGEND® Compression Wear is pleased to announce its continued support of College Athletics. The men’s and women’s Marquette University Track & Field and Cross-Country teams will now be wearing LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks during their training and competition. As part of its early growth strategy, LEGEND® has a focus on reaching the next generation of competitive runners. By partnering with college athletes the company is excited to drive improved performance as well as educate young runners on the importance of taking care of their legs and feet.

In response to the commitment from Marquette University, LEGEND® President and Owner John Thomas said, “I am thrilled to have another early College partnership. We see it as a great opportunity to really influence this next wave of running talent, and equip them with what we feel are the best graduated compression running socks on the market.”

In the coming months the team at LEGEND® will be pursuing more College and University relationships. While Track & Field and Cross-Country are a main focus, the company sees great opportunity for other sports such as basketball, tennis, hockey, and others. “In today’s time, you most commonly see runners wearing compression, but other sports are slowly adopting the technology. We see a huge opportunity within team sports, particularly related to heavy travel for competition and the benefits that compression recovery socks can provide for those athletes.” says Thomas.

For those Colleges and Universities interested in bringing graduated compression into their athletic department, please respond directly to President and Founder John Thomas at for more details.

LEGEND® Compression Wear is one of very few compression-focused companies to offer Performance Sport Compression, Casual/Dress Compression, and Compression Hosiery. LEGEND® is focused on providing highly innovative compression products to encourage athletes and individuals of all professions to …Be a LEGEND™. The company strives to provide LEGENDARY support through each and every product, in order to improve performance and promote healthy support for your life and your legs. LEGEND® runs its day-to-day operations out of Denton, North Carolina. For more information visit –

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