legend compression legwear case study

A LEGEND LEGWEAR™ Case Study Vol. 1

The Benefits of Medical Compression Socks (20- 30 mm Hg)

Before & After Use of LEGEND Compression Casual Wear Socks.

We recently received a testimonial from an early customer who has provided us with a glimpse at what LEGEND’s Casual Trouser Compression Socks have done for her. While this customer chooses to remain anonymous, she was kind enough to share her “before and after” pictures, displaying the impact the LEGEND™ socks have had on her feet and legs.

“I have suffered from severe varicose veins for the last 10-15 years and have tried all kinds of medical compression socks, but none have been as comfortable or effective as what these LEGEND compression socks have been” says the customer. She recently underwent ankle replacement surgery that added to the discomfort of her feet and legs, but has attributed much of her speedy recovery to what the LEGEND LEGWEAR™ line of compression socks have done for her.

LEGEND LEGWEAR before and after

From the pictures above, the difference is significant. On the left is from a day when she didn’t wear her LEGEND™ compression socks. On the right is following a full day of wearing them. The swelling is down significantly and the skin coloration is approaching normal after using the casual compression sock. The improved circulation has reduced blood pooling in her lower legs/feet and has resulted in a much more comfortable living condition. The pictures demonstrate that the benefits of graduated compression, found in the LEGEND compression socks, have greatly helped in treating the patient’s venous insufficiencies.

Based on the severity of her edema condition, this customer chose a 20-30 mmHg sock, which is defined as a “firm” or medical grade level of compression. “I’ve used almost every compression brand out there and have often used even higher levels of compression. However with these socks the compression felt more targeted and the socks in general were more comfortable. Now I don’t see any reason to need that higher compression level, these are working!” She told us in an interview about her experience.

We are thrilled to hear how our LEGEND compression socks continue to help with the health of her life & legs. Our goal is to provide functional, fashionable, and comfortable compression socks and stockings that benefit all users. Seeing the images and hearing the story of this woman’s success with our product is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

For those of you who would like to share your story, please send us some pictures and let us know about your experiences with our LEGEND LEGWEAR ™ line of fashionable Compression Therapy Socks and Stockings.


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