When Should I Use My Compression Socks?

When should I use my Compression Socks? Any time is a good time to wear compression socks.  While they function primarily as workout socks and compression therapy for your legs, compression socks can work just as hard off the track.  And with their sleek stylish design, these high performance socks can be worn out and […]

What Level of Compression is Right for Me?

No two pairs of legs are the same. Proof of this can be found in the unique levels of graduated compression you may require from your compression socks and leg-wear. Understanding your own compression needs is the key to achieving the very best results from your compression hosiery. Where to start, you ask? Same place […]

What Can Compression Leg Sleeves Do For Me?

To the untrained eye, a leg sleeve looks like a knee-high sock that’s been severed at the ankle.  In many ways, that’s true, but not when you consider the inherent health benefits of wearing graduated compression leg sleeves.  Compression leg sleeves, or calf sleeves as they are also commonly known, offer quite a bit more […]

Why Use Compression Running Socks?

Selecting the right pair of running socks may seem like a trivial task, and often considered secondary to picking the right pair of running shoes. But picking the right running socks is a decision that shouldn’t be worn lightly. Runners who choose compression sports performance socks over traditional running socks swear by the benefits they […]