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How to Look Good and Feel Good with LEGEND Compression Wear

Does fashionable compression exist?  It seems hard to think that medical-quality leg support could ever be thought of as ‘sexy.’  But considering it another way, runner health and fashion have a lot of crossover—evident in the heavy abundance of yoga pants and running sneaker’s that permeate our pro-fitness culture.  And nobody is arguing that fitness itself isn’t demonstrably attractive.

So where does compression become fashionable?  It becomes fashionable when you think of complimentary colors and undergarments that just so happen to offer the medical benefits of compression as well.  Casual and dress socks, panty hose, thigh-highs, and knee-high socks are fundamental to all men and women’s wardrobe arrangements.  By opting for colored compression socks and leggings, such as are available from LEGEND LEGWEAR™, you get to complement a good-looking outfit with good-looking-AND-feeling legs.

When you think of the type of people who wear medical compression socks, you might think of someone other than yourself—being someone who feels they “wouldn’t be caught dead” wearing socks that a doctor might prescribe.  They’re ugly, colorless, designed to be practical with no consideration of appearance on the individual.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  Compression can be subtle, and can come without the cost of foregoing appearance.  Just as a stylish pair of sunglasses can come with doctor-recommended prescription and UV protection, your preferred choice of legging can come with graduated compression.

LEGEND LEGWEAR™ offers a diverse lineup of fashionable compression legging options in a variety of styles and colors, keeping in consideration both desirable design and individual compression requirements.  Every one of these colored compression socks and leggings are stitched with high-quality, form-fitting microfibers that offer breathability and pure comfort.  Each of these colored graduated compression socks and leggings are designed with both relief and style in mind.

There’s no getting around it.  We live in a very visual world, where fashion and style rule the day; whether at work or on the gym treadmill, you always remain in a social spotlight, even if just a faint one.  That being true, in every instance, proper blood circulation in the legs is important to your health and wellness. When you consider the health benefits of marrying good health and good style, you win in all accounts.  Which is to say, adding fashionable compression to your outfit is truly the best way to have your cake and eat it too.

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