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Announcing LEGEND® Compression Wear


Denton NC, United States – September 4, 2015

LEGEND® Compression Wear is announcing today the launch of its North Carolina based business, and their full line of graduated compression products. LEGEND® Compression Wear becomes one of very few compression-focused companies to offer Performance Sport Compression, Casual/Dress Compression, and Compression Hosiery. LEGEND® is focused on providing highly innovative compression products to encourage athletes, business men and women, teachers, and individuals of all professions to …Be a LEGEND®. The company strives to provide LEGENDARY support through each and every product, in order to promote healthy support for your life and your legs.

The breadth of products ranging from performance to medical compression displays the company’s focus on providing a healthy solution for all, and not just a select group. While athletes are a focus of the LEGEND® brand, the overall goal is to educate all individuals on their need to properly care for their legs, and provide a solution for them to do so.

The Company’s President & Founder, John Thomas said, “My Vision for LEGEND® began with the notion of …Be a LEGEND® which really formed our thinking around our Performance Wear products. We want to provide the necessary support for athletes to reach the goals they have set.” As the company developed and grew, so did John’s perspective on what he wants LEGEND® to offer. “I realized that it isn’t just athletes who need compression, doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, business men & women etc… They all depend on their legs to get them where they are going. We want to help them keep their legs healthy and strong for a lifetime of adventures.”

LEGEND® Compression Wear runs its day-to-day operations out of Denton, North Carolina. With most products made in the US, and even some items locally developed in Denton, they have an intentional focus to support the local community in every way they can. “While LEGEND™ is only in its infancy, my vision is for the company to create jobs and provide a unique opportunity for a growing number of people in the local area.” says President John Thomas. LEGEND® Compression Wear may be only a few weeks old, but the forward thinking and strong leadership has a clear path laid for LEGEND™ to find great success for itself and for those involved. For more information visit – http://legendcompressionwear.com/

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