Jonathon Setzer

Jonathon Setzer | CFL Defensive Back

My name is Jonathon Setzer and I am the athlete that was always picked last and the one who was good enough but was never given a fair shot. Throughout my career I’ve always had to prove myself and to show that I belonged. The hard work that I’ve put in for years would mean nothing if it wasn’t for my faith. God has opened up so many doors, and favored me in so many situations. The turning point in my career was when I decided to carry myself like the professional that I truly am. Every workout to me then became an NFL workout. Every practice became an NFL practice every walk through became and NFL walk through and every film session became a NFL film session. When I decided to be a professional, everyone started to treat me like a professional. I am excited about teaming up with Organizations like LEGEND™ Compression Wear because it feels great to look and feel like a pro every time I touch the field or the weight room. I look forward to being a part of LEGEND™ Compression Wear for years to come. #WeAreLegend #BeaLegend

You can learn more about me and my career here:
Jonathon Setzer Bio

Check me out having some fun in my LEGEND™ Compression Performance Socks
Jonathon Setzer Video

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