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LEGEND® Announces InstantScouting Partnership


Denton NC, United States – September 18, 2015

LEGEND® Compression Wear happily announces its partnership with InstantScouting, a Canadian based independent global scouting service. LEGEND® and Instant Scouting are excited to come together in their shared passion to help aspiring athletes reach their goals. The two companies plan to join forces by providing LEGEND’s graduated compression technology performance sports wear to aspiring professional athletes at an affordable cost.

This partnership is one that brings together a need and a solution. Professional athletes need to care for their bodies, and in this instance in particular, they need to protect and support their legs. By partnering with LEGEND®, InstantScouting is helping all athletes they touch better care for their bodies, giving them a better chance for long and healthy careers.

InstantScouting CEO & Founder Richard Olumogba comments “We are excited about the opportunity to be part of the LEGEND® family and its mission to care for athletes. John is a visionary with great knowledge of his field and with his passion and strategy the future looks bright for both LEGEND® and InstantScouting.” “I’m proud to be partnering with Richard & InstantScouting,” says LEGEND® President John Thomas, “I believe we are going to have a great relationship for the future and I look forward to seeing the growth of our two companies both together and individually.” This partnership marks the first of what is sure to be many for LEGEND® Compression Wear, as the company continues its pursuit of strategic partnerships around the sporting and compression world.

LEGEND™ Compression Wear is one of very few compression-focused companies to offer Performance Sport Compression, Casual/Dress Compression, and Compression Hosiery. LEGEND® is focused on providing highly innovative compression products to encourage athletes and individuals of all professions to …Be a LEGEND™. The company strives to provide LEGENDARY support through each and every product, in order to promote healthy support for your life and your legs. LEGEND® runs its day-to-day operations out of Denton, North Carolina with most products made in the USA. For more information visit –

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