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When Should I Use My Compression Socks?

When should I use my Compression Socks?

Any time is a good time to wear compression socks.  While they function primarily as workout socks and compression therapy for your legs, compression socks can work just as hard off the track.  And with their sleek stylish design, these high performance socks can be worn out and about casually.

Runners can reap plenty of health benefits from wearing compression socks.  How-depends on when these socks are worn.  Basically, there are two critical times to wear these performance socks: during a workout and after.  Wearing compression socks while running helps prevent fatigue, shin splints, and other conditions caused by poor blood flow.  Wearing these socks after a workout aids in recovery and offers relief from the aforementioned.  How long you wear the socks after a workout varies depending on individual need, but better blood flow is a good thing you can’t get too much of.

Is there a time you can’t wear compression socks?  While awake and active, the answer is no, not really.  While standing, blood circulation in your legs is constantly fighting against gravity.  This is true whether you’re walking or long distance training.  While sleeping however, with your legs horizontally elevated in a way that is naturally conducive to good blood flow, graduated compression isn’t necessary and thus wearing compression socks is not recommended.

One thing that deters runners from continuing to wear their compression-enhanced workout socks post-workout is how visually undesirable a sock can look that’s designed specifically with health benefits in mind.  Compression sock companies such as LEGEND Compression Wear™ have taken this concern into consideration, offering socks that appeal to both your eye and your legs.  Take a look at some of our performance compression socks.

Fitness is a big part of our culture.  This is obviously the case.  More often than not, fitness-inclined people want to show off how important fitness is to them. A good-looking performance sock blends right in with a world that’s perpetually on the run.   With the right compression socks, you can look good and feel good while working out or going out.

Once you determine how much compression is right for you, all you need to do is determine which compression sock is right for you.  There are many styles and options to pick from.  For a good sampling of both, you should check out LEGEND Compression Wear™.


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  1. I didn’t know that compression socks while running can help prevent fatigue, shin splints, and other conditions. I have a friend that runs a lot and she has been wondering if she should try compression socks. I will have to let her know that they could really help her.

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