LEGEND and BMR partnership

LEGEND Announces Black Men Run Partnership


Denton NC, United States – January, 20 2016

LEGEND® Compression Wear happily announces its partnership with Black Men Run, an Non-Profit Organization founded in Atlanta, GA. Black Men Run’s mission is “to encourage health and wellness among African American men by promoting a culture of running/jogging to stay fit resulting in “A Healthy Brotherhood”. The partnership is designed to help both organizations grow and to support one another on a common mission to promote health and wellness amongst runners and all individuals.

“Our relationship with Black Men Run is one that we are very proud to be a part of,” says President and Founder John Thomas, “We look forward to supporting BMR in the community, through online and offline marketing, to help grow awareness about the movement they are creating.” LEGEND® and Black Men Run will be teaming up at various races throughout the year to support one another, and in addition LEGEND® will be providing BMR with its highly regarded LEGEND Compression Performance Socks and Leg Sleeves to be awarded to the “LEGENDARY Runner of the Month” each month during the year.

Black Men Run’s Co-Founder and CMO (Chief Motivational Officer) Edward Walton comments, “We only partner with companies that have great products, and LEGEND® has the best when it comes to compression.” Walton is optimistic about the partnership’s future, as both companies are making a bet on one another for collaborative growth. “LEGEND is a personal project for me. I like the product and I like the people, and I look forward to how the relationship expands in the months and years to come.”

This partnership is the first of its kind for LEGEND® Compression Wear. In the company’s short tenure, this marks the first partnership with a Non-Profit Organization. “We are excited to have BMR as our first Non-Profit Partner,” says Thomas, We share in BMR’s vision to give back and make a positive impact on the community, and we are excited about what the future holds for LEGEND® and Black Men Run.”

LEGEND® Compression Wear is one of very few compression-focused companies to offer Performance Sport Compression, Casual/Dress Compression, and Compression Hosiery. LEGEND® is focused on providing highly innovative compression products to encourage athletes and individuals of all professions to …Be a LEGEND™. The company strives to provide LEGENDARY support through each and every product, in order to promote healthy support for your life and your legs. LEGEND® runs its day-to-day operations out of Denton, North Carolina with most products made in the USA. For more information visit – http://legendcompressionwear.com/

6 thoughts on “LEGEND Announces Black Men Run Partnership

  1. Thank you to Joseph Willis who happens to be one of the first on our Legend – BMR Competitive Team.
    Joseph runs at a VERY high level, is over 50 years old, and leads our BMR ‘Masters of Death’ (50 and over) race team.

    Thank you Daren Welborn for your support and making a mark for BMR by your dedication and commitment to live a healthy lifestyle.

    2016 is only the beginning.

    Edward Walton
    Chief Motivation Officer – Co-Founder
    Black Men Run
    “Run Hard..Run Smart and Keep Running!

  2. Thanks Joseph and Daren for the support. We are very excited to be working with BMR and all the great people involved. Reach out to your local captains for exclusive deals available through the partnership.

  3. Anything associated with BMR, I’m supporting. This is not only a movement for Black Men, but a way of life for us. Now how do we get a hold of Kevin Hart and partner with him since Nike has already jumped on his bandwagon?

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