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The Sock Game | A Must for Business Professionals

Every single detail counts when it comes to putting together a confident business outfit. After all an outfit is your look, your first impression. You can make a great impression by taking care of the little things—starting with your dress socks.

The last couple years have seen the “sock game” trend in more and more as business professionals are stepping up their sock styles. The right socks can tie an outfit together, while the wrong ones can make you look unfocused, disorganized. At the very least, lacking taste. Fortunately for you sock fanatics out there, it doesn’t have to be just about style, we can also focus improving how your legs feel throughout the workday by getting you a supply of compression dress socks.

LEGEND™ Compression Wear offers an great line of stylish compression legwear solutions designed to get you ahead in health, fitness, and business. While specializing in the health benefits in graduated compression, LEGEND™ applies this blood circulation-supporting technology to casual and dress options- from business ribbed and diamond dress socks to cushion active wear and casual wear.

With fashionable compression dress socks, you can show up to the interview or meeting in style and comfort, with an outfit tailored to impress and socks tailored to keep you cool on your feet and in the hot seat.

Corporate apparel isn’t usually designed with comfort in mind. Suits are hot and stiff. Ties are tight. Shoes can often abuse your feet. Compression dress socks and stockings are the exception to this trend. They offer breathability, graduated compression for improved blood flow, and close-fitting comfort in a way that defies the perils of sitting or standing all day. Business culture is definitely an endurance game, and with compression dress socks, your feet and legs can both look and feel good.

Wearing compression dress socks mean one less sacrifice on the way to thriving in a busy business environment. Running to catch the train, get the boss’s coffee downtown, or close a deal with a stubborn client can be done with the knowledge your legs are fully equipped to take the load and plow through the day in stride. So as you consider the next addition to your sock drawer, keep compression dress socks top of mind, and feel the difference that graduated compression from LEGEND has to offer!

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