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Introducing the LEGEND Lifestyle. Join the Movement Today!

Take a moment and think about how you use your legs and feet in everyday life. When you really take the time to reflect, it is not hard to see that we as individuals put an enormous amount of stress on them. Whether walking, running, jumping, sitting, standing, or partaking in other daily life activities, your legs and feet are being put to the test each and every day during your lifetime. Your shins, calves, achilles, arches, and heels need proper support to perform and recover effectively day in and day out. Whether you are running a marathon, traveling on business or working around the house, it is so important to properly care for your legs and feet.

In the past graduated compression wasn’t something that was commonly a proactive choice, but rather the fulfillment of a prescription they received from a doctor. The adoption of compression products in the athletic world, particularly in endurance sports, over the last 10 years has changed how many view the technology. With a fashionable aspect now present in the market and a greater understanding of the benefits to all athletes, it isn’t uncommon to see casual joggers on the side of the street in compression leg sleeves.

While it is clear that the athletic community has begun to more heavily adopt graduated compression into their athletic wear, it also has become evident to us that there is still a gap in the market.

Many graduated compression companies offer sports compression wear and many offer casual/medical compression wear, but few do both. In studying our customer base, it became very clear to us that often the competitive runner and the every day business man/woman are the same person. “When we connected those two dots it changed everything in how we think about our product offering.” said John Thomas, President and Founder, LEGEND Compression Wear.

“When we connected those two dots, it changed everything in how we think about our product offering.” – John Thomas, President and Founder, LEGEND Compression Wear

With a deep background in medical compression hosiery, Thomas and our LEGEND team took that knowledge and developed our LEGEND® Compression Wear product lines to offer something for everyone, from athletic compression socks to medical grade fashionable compression stockings. We are now excited to begin formally offering our very own LEGEND Lifestyle Combinations, which accommodates not only the athlete, but the business person, the stay at home parent and everyone in-between.

The LEGEND Lifestyle, which is the foundation of the combination concept, is designed to offer a solution to both a need and a want. For those planning to live an active lifestyle long into their later years, graduated compression is an essential NEED to help extend the life of your legs. Additionally, as we go through life we are often confronted with situations where we WANT to be the best version of ourselves, to be LEGENDARY. As a company, it is our desire to encourage our customers to adopt this lifestyle, the LEGEND Lifestyle.

compression run socks and sheer compression knee highsBy our definition, living the LEGEND Lifestyle doesn’t mean that you win every race or that you nail every business presentation, but rather that you do the little things each and every day that make you LEGENDARY in your own life. What we also believe is that to be LEGENDARY is to take care of your health, and in our case, the health of your legs and feet.

So often in our society we are reactive vs. proactive about our health. LEGENDs choose to be proactive. At LEGEND® Compression Wear we believe that wearing graduated compression is a lifestyle choice vs. a prescription from a doctor or a running coach. We are so excited to offer this LEGEND Lifestyle Collection of combo products, such as the “Sharp and Sporty” Business Man’s Combo and the “Fashionable and Fit” Women’s Combo (shown in image to the left), that provide individuals with the opportunity to care for their legs while on the run, at home and at the office.

So here is our challenge to you. Join the LEGEND Lifestyle movement. Start taking care of your legs with graduated compression in all areas of your life. We promise to continue our mission to provide you the most fashionable and functional compression products across all categories to have your legs and feet looking good and feeling good no matter the situation! Click here to see our entire LEGEND Lifestyle Collection.

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