Hiking meets Compression to give you the LEGEND TUFF®!

Are you sizing up your next outdoor adventure? Trying to decide which of your socks could possibly withstand the high/low temperatures, the uneven grounds, the mid calf hiking boot rubbing and overall strain that your feet and lower legs experience during a challenging hike? That’s a tough question, but fortunately, LEGEND has a TUFF answer. Today we announce the launch of our LEGEND Compression Merino Wool Hike/Outdoor Socks. The unisex LEGEND TUFF® socks are designed for those who demand comfort and durability. These LEGENDARY socks are built to stand up to each and every test the hiking trails can throw at you.legend tuff compression hiking socks

“The LEGEND TUFF® is another great product that continues to fulfill our desire to offer compression products for all sporting, and everyday, lifestyles that you may enjoy,” says John Thomas, President and Founder, LEGEND® Compression Wear. Thomas continues, “This particular sock is special. The combination of mild graduated compression and merino wool offers hikers with a unique and comprehensive solution to their needs for comfort and durability.”

The LEGEND TUFF® has a few unique features that really give it that competitive advantage over the everyday hiking sock that you may have used in the past. The graduated compression technology helps with improved blood flow and circulation, which minimizes tired and achy feet. The merino wool fabric is naturally temperature regulating, and helps you remain cool in hot temperatures and maintain warmth in cold temperatures. Cushioning on the sole provides necessary padding for the bottom of your foot, while the cushion on the shin helps to pad your lower legs from high fitting hiking boots. The merino wool in our LEGEND TUFF® socks is wrapped with nylon to provide extra durability for the demands you put on your outdoor socks. Last but not least, these socks are naturally odor resistant & moisture wicking, which after a long day hiking is a plus for anyone!

We proudly manufacture these socks right here in the USA. They come in two great outdoor colors with “Mossy Green” and “Charcoal Grey”. Grab a pair for yourself, pick the toughest hike you can and find new confidence that your socks are up to the challenge because they are LEGEND TUFF®.

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