David Adams – Ambassador Highlight

LEGEND® Compression brand ambassador David Adams has been training his whole life to stay cool under fire. And as a full-time firefighter and personal trainer, he does just that. HIS RUNNING CAREER “I have basically been running my whole life,” he said. At the age of 9, David qualified for the USATF Junior Olympic 1500 […]

The Color Trend & Compression

It’s raceday. You trained for months. You hit your peak and tapered. You carbo-loaded the last few days and treated your body kindly. Before you push your body beyond its limits, the last thing left for you to do is suit up. Suiting up in the marathon world these days means wearing color. In races […]

Stephanie Hamm – Ambassador Highlight

LEGEND® Ambassador Stephanie Hamm is an exemplary model of long-term fitness, as a professional fitness and kettlebell coach, but her balancing skills are no more apparent than in her ability to balance a career, workout schedule, and full-time job as a mom of three. Stephanie says, “Finding balance isn’t easy but my own health is a […]

Compress more. Adventure longer.

Who doesn’t want to live longer and stay active? It’d be a hard pressed job to find someone who says, “Yeah I’d rather die young” or “I don’t really care if I’m still active when I’m older”. It’s a pretty common desire, the want to enjoy life’s adventures to the fullest for as many years […]

The next BIG thing in men’s business attire

The culture of businessmen has long been carried a belief that you dress to impress. In the past, business style often meant that comfort was sacrificed for the sake of fashion, but flash forward to present day and things are changing. The new norm is to demand fashion and function through innovative fabric technologies. This applies to all apparel, […]

The Running Event 2016 Recap

From November 29-December 2 the LEGEND® team made our way down to Orlando, Florida for the 2016 Running Event. This was our second year exhibiting and we were excited to see some familiar faces and to continuing sharing the LEGEND® story! Travel Day & Opening Night Social The team took off from Charlotte in the morning, […]

Outdoor Adventures and Compression

Ah, yes — the great outdoors. One of the reasons hiking is so popular is not only the inherent healthiness of the activity, but in how much it connects man to the beauty that the earth provides. For some the outdoors presents a peaceful opportunity to enjoy nature while for others it presents a unique […]