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Outdoor Adventures and Compression

Ah, yes — the great outdoors. One of the reasons hiking is so popular is not only the inherent healthiness of the activity, but in how much it connects man to the beauty that the earth provides. For some the outdoors presents a peaceful opportunity to enjoy nature while for others it presents a unique challenge to those seeking adventure.

Whether hiking just a few hours or backpacking in the woods for a more extended period of time, the departure from civilization is always refreshing, so much that the varying tax on your legs is usually neglected.

It’s a familiar occurrence, to throw off your boots and backpack at the end of a hike, mutter about your feet and legs ‘killing you,’ without realizing there are ways you could alleviate this ritual suffering period at the end of a hike. Graduated compression has long been a medical grade product and a solution to conditions such as varicose veins and other venous insufficiencies. Now the technology is being tapped into for the benefit of many different individuals, including hikers.

Graduated compression is useful to ensure proper blood flow in times of great activity and great recovery, including time spent by a campfire or perched on a rock with a photographic view of the breathtaking scenery below. Endurance athletes such as runners and triathletes have been investing in the technology for the last 10 years and now compression is seen as a must have for any casual or serious participant in an endurance sport. Outdoor adventurers put a different type of stress on their legs and feet, but can benefit from graduated compression technology in many of the same ways.

When out for a hike, the socks you are wearing should be designed for the particular demands hiking places on your legs and feet. Graduated compression provides arch support, improves blood flow and circulation and helps alleviate tired and achy feet. These benefits are critical to the enjoyment of any hike and can make the difference between an average day on the trails and a LEGENDARY one!

The woods are a wet and messy place, full of raked hills, fallen branches, and uneven earth, where the toughness of a your shoes and socks can’t be emphasized enough.  Legs get especially put through the ringer on a hike, where the paths and terrain are as unpredictable as nature itself. It is important to think responsibly about your legs and feet, so that you can bounce back quicker and return to the outdoors as soon as humanly possible.

Interested in adding graduated compression to your outdoor repertoire? Check out our LEGEND® Compression Hiking Socks and our other sports compression products that can serve any you well on any outdoor adventure.

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