Weekend Warrior and Compression

Weekend Warriors & Graduated Compression

People work hard all week. For most, they punch in, do their jobs, punch out, and when Friday ends, it becomes time to relax and recover. But for a select group of people, Friday afternoon is when their week truly begins. These are individuals we refer to as the Weekend Warriors – a LEGENDARY group of everyday people who don’t know what quitting means, and get more out of life than what they are given.

Popular Weekend Warrior activities in 2016 are Obstacle Course Racing, Triathlons, Marathons and Half Marathons as well as your traditional sports such as football, basketball, soccer, golf and others. In addition to their full-time work lives, Weekend Warriors are spouses, parents, community leaders, bloggers, meetup group organizers, and much more. They have a unique way of fitting 30 hours of activities into a 24-hour day!

At LEGEND® Compression Wear, we ourselves are Weekend Warriors, and have developed gear with those needs in mind. As Weekend Warriors, we push our bodies to the limit and expect them to perform at their best and to recover quickly so we can get back at it. The demands on the Weekend Warrior’s body are great, which is why we chose to develop two distinct lines of graduated compression products, sports compression and everyday compression.

In 2016, there is now more than ever a health and fitness focus stretching across the globe. We find Apple watches and Fitbits on nearly every wrist, and fashionable workout clothing on yogis, runners and gym members alike. As we follow this trend to a greater ALL-DAY focus on health and fitness, we know that Weekend Warriors are going to love the ability to utilize fashionable and functional compression products both at work and on the run.

For years graduated compression was seen as a prescription product for individuals with venous insufficiencies. In the last 10 years, runners and endurance athletes have changed the conversation to make it an athletic performance product. Now we are encouraging all our Weekend Warriors out there to help us make compression a lifestyle choice! Together we can help athletes and businessmen and women around the world extend the life of their legs through graduated compression technology.

To our fellow Weekend Warriors out there, thank you for always inspiring us through your LEGENDARY accomplishments. Please use the comment section below to share some of those accomplishments with us!

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