LEGEND's 5 tips for 2017

5 fitness and lifestyle tips for a LEGENDARY 2017

It’s probably a safe to bet to say that most of you reading this have spent some time over the last couple weeks coming up with a new years resolution or two. Odds are also in our favor to bet that they have something to do with your health, fitness and overall lifestyle. In honor of the new years resolution tradition, we felt it right to share a few of our top tips for a fit and healthy 2017. Here are our top 5. We hope they help you towards making 2017 a LEGENDARY year!

1. Embrace wearable technology

In 2016 wearable technology was dubbed as the #1 trend in the fitness industry. 2017 it is anticipated that this trend will continue. As our team here at LEGEND® works hard to provide the best compression socks, leg sleeves and apparel possible for you, we want to encourage all our athletes to utilize the other tools that are available to help you succeed. If you are looking for a healthy and fit 2017, get yourself a heart rate monitor or a GPS running watch, take the time to learn what the data means, and use it to improve your training and workouts.

2. Take on the CrossFit “athlete” mindset

In 2016, we had a lot of CrossFit athletes adopt our sports compression socks and leg sleeves for their workouts and recovery. Tip #2 is a lifestyle choice that we have seen develop in many of our CrossFit athletes that we believe can benefit all. This is what we are calling the “athlete mindset”. In a CrossFit gym, all members are referred to as athletes. While this may seem insignificant to some, we believe that what you tell yourself you are is in many ways what you become. If you can adopt the “athlete” mindset in 2017 like our friends at CrossFit, we believe that you will inherently treat your body better and see big improvements in all areas of life.

3. Join the “all-day” fitness trend

Athleisure has become a big topic in the last couple of years. For some this simply refers to more women wearing more yoga pants and men and women in general wearing more stylish workout clothing. At LEGEND® we see this as more than just a style trend, but a mindset trend similar to the CrossFit athlete mindset. We call this the “all-day fitness lifestyle”. Embracing the “all-day fitness lifestyle means that morning, day and night you are making decisions with your health and fitness in mind. In the past working out or exercising was partitioned into a small window of time set aside each day or every other day. If you want to make your 2017 LEGENDARY, jump on the “all-day” train and start finding ways to prioritize your health and fitness throughout the day. This might look like a standing desk, a meeting held over a walk, stretching at your desk, or wearing compression during a long workday to help you recover!

4. Create your own snowball effect

Tip #4 is one that is less about fitness in specific and more about “being a LEGEND” in your own life. The snowball effect is something we think about on a daily basis and we felt had to be in our top 5 tips for 2017. The snowball effect is the practice of setting small attainable goals, reaching those goals over and over, and watching your momentum and confidence snowball towards hitting the bigger and more audacious goals that may initially have seemed out of reach. Being a LEGEND doesn’t mean you set a PR on every run, but rather that you find the right goals for you, you do your best, and let the LEGEND write itself.

5. Dress, compress, & impress

Last but not least, as self serving as it seems, we truly believe that compression is a top tip for reaching your goals in 2017. We are in the business of compression because we love sport, adventure and everyday life and we want to help you extend the life of your legs so you can enjoy those endeavors more now and longer into life. Graduated compression is a lifestyle choice that will help you make this new year great. Whether on a run, at home around the house, or in a board room, sporting graduated compression in 2017 will help you look good, feel good and perform well all year long!


We hope that you found these 5 tips helpful and we look forward to doing our part to help make your year LEGENDARY. Please leave your comments, new years resolutions and goals below in the comments.

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