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The next BIG thing in men’s business attire

The culture of businessmen has long been carried a belief that you dress to impress. In the past, business style often meant that comfort was sacrificed for the sake of fashion, but flash forward to present day and things are changing. The new norm is to demand fashion and function through innovative fabric technologies. This applies to all apparel, including suits, slacks, shirts and even socks!

So in this new era of men’s business attire, what is the next BIG thing? Our answer might surprise you. Compression. In particular, compression socks. That’s right, we believe graduated compression socks are the next BIG thing in men’s business attire. Why you ask? Here are a few compelling reasons we believe this trend is upon us.

The athleisure mindset = health and fitness focused consumerism

The athleisure mindset marks a lifestyle shift to an “all-day” focus on health and fitness. Wearable fitness trackers are replacing the Rolex, and tennis shoes are replacing wingtips in boardrooms around the country. The Crossfit culture calls members, athletes, and has men treating their bodies like that of an NFL quarterback. Amidst this mindset switch, men are now expecting their clothing and accessories to positively impact that which is most important to them, their health and fitness.

Standard socks are built for appearance and comfort, but aren’t generally designed to relieve tired, achy legs suffering from a sedentary working position. Introducing graduated compression will become the new norm, and is the perfect way to maximize the efficiency of your socks, making them more than just an accessory. Graduated compression socks work for you, by relieving the most common health ailments facing businessmen around the world. Those who wear this technology benefit from improved blood flow that makes long hours of stuck at a desk, standing at a trade show or sitting on a plane more comfortable. Sock drawers beware, compression solves an everyday need and is the next big thing headed your way.

Compression offers style, comfort and support

Walk through a big business office and take note of men’s socks. Odds are you are starting to see some style. We believe that socks are becoming the new tie. While the traditional black, navy and khaki socks will always remain popular, businessmen are now able to add some style and flair to their outfits by sporting a colorful or patterned pair of socks.

For years, graduated compression socks lacked style, but no more is that the case. We are now able to produce compression dress socks that offer style, comfort and health benefits. Compression socks today blend fashion with function, allowing men to step up their “sock-game” and extend the life of their legs at the same time

Affordable option with twice the value

Sure these socks are a little more expensive than picking up an 8-pack of socks from Wal-Mart, but compared to the nicer business socks found in stores like Men’s Warehouse or JCrew, they are a comparable price that offer twice the value. Consumer spending for the sake of improved health, fitness and style is trending up and we believe that compression dress socks fit into that trend. Gone will be the days of skimping on sock quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. In are the days of investing in socks that improve your daily quality of life and help you look good doing it.


Businessmen around the world will always dress to impress, but keep an eye on their sock game over the next few years as they begin to compress to impress. At LEGEND® Compression Wear we are focused on providing “all-day” compression solutions for the betterment of your health and fitness. Our everyday compression line features men’s compression dress socks that meet the need for apparel that works for them in both style and function.

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