David Adams – Ambassador Highlight

LEGEND® Compression brand ambassador David Adams has been training his whole life to stay cool under fire. And as a full-time firefighter and personal trainer, he does just that.


“I have basically been running my whole life,” he said. At the age of 9, David qualified for the USATF Junior Olympic 1500 meters. In high school, his success in running landed him a scholarship to Clemson University. While there, he earned the titles of Gatorade SC Male Athlete of the Year and Clemson Cross Country MVP in 2000.

Following a 10-year break from competitive running after college, David decided to get back into it. “This time around, there has been less pressure and more enjoyment of the process,” he said. Even still, his achievements continue to stack up: RnR Savannah Mile Champ – 4:27(2014), Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon Champ – 1:12:07(2016), Hilton Head Half Marathon Champ – 1:12:58(2016).

“Running is my ‘me’ time. Almost like therapy. Any stressors or issues instantly fade away,” he said. “I am a full time firefighter and personal trainer. Running obviously helps me stay fit and motivated for my career and led me directly to my part-time business.”


To help put the diesel in his fire engine, David faithfully relies on his LEGEND® Compression socks. “I wear LEGEND® compression socks for all of my workouts and long runs. I also wear them for any race distance over a 10k. I enjoy the feeling of that pressure at high speeds and for long distances. They help with soreness as well as injury prevention,” he said.

“My favorite thing about the LEGEND® socks are the ease of application. I start most of my harder and longer runs early in the morning. It is almost impossible to get many of the other compression brands on, especially half asleep. I don’t have this problem with LEGEND® and I feel like I get the same benefit,” David said.


He divulged a couple things he does to help speed up his recovery times. some additional tips that help him speed up his recovery times: “One of my favorite things to do for recovery is a nice ice bath. Aim for 45 degrees. Usually takes about two bags of ice for the bathtub. I also “smash” the bottom of my feet with a lacrosse ball or the Roll Recovery R3,” he said. Another thing David recommends is a good chiropractor, particularly one who specializes in Active Release Techniques.

David shared that finishing his marathon debut in his goal time of under 2:40:00 would #make2017LEGENDARY. “I would also like to break 16:30 for the 5k while pushing my daughter in a stroller and break 18 minutes for the 5k in full fire gear,” he said.

David explained that he goes hard, partly because he feels he was blessed with the ability to do so. “Early in life I pushed the limits of that ability but shut it down before I was finished. I don’t expect to ever reach those heights again, nor is that even the goal,” he said. “I want to be the role model that I should be to my kids and other young runners. I hope that my experience can be used to help others train smarter and love their own running.”

For more information about David’s personal training business, you can head over to Adamsrunning.com.

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