compress more. adventure longer.

Compress more. Adventure longer.

Who doesn’t want to live longer and stay active? It’d be a hard pressed job to find someone who says, “Yeah I’d rather die young” or “I don’t really care if I’m still active when I’m older”. It’s a pretty common desire, the want to enjoy life’s adventures to the fullest for as many years as you can. Whether that means running marathons, playing golf on the weekends, or playing in the backyard with your grandkids. So why is a compression clothing brand talking about lifetime adventures? Good question. Part of enjoying an active lifestyle later into life is having healthy legs and feet to carry you there. Queue graduated compression. We believe that wearing graduated compression is a lifestyle choice and an investment in a better future. Let us explain.

Graduated Compression = Lifestyle

When you choose to wear graduated compression socks / leg sleeves you are making an investment in the present and future condition of your legs and feet. Graduated compression, as the name implies, is designed to offer different levels of compression throughout the garment. For example, a graduated compression sock will offer the most compression at the ankle and then lessen in value as it reaches the top of the calf. This technology helps to improve blood flow, prevent injuries, and speed up recovery. No matter what age you are, these simple health benefits can help you enjoy to the fullest the adventures your life has in store.

A must for the baby boomers

Since 2010, baby boomers have represented the fastest growing demographic of new members in health clubs around the world. You can attribute some of this growth to societal pressures surrounding health and fitness. You can also attribute it to the boomers growing desire to live longer and really be active later into life. If this is you, then compression socks are a product that you need to add to your daily repertoire. For you boomers out there investing your hard earned dollars, make sure you are demanding that the products you purchase are making an investment back into you and your future. Compression socks are a product that does just that. They help you improve the health of your legs and feet, and ultimately help you to adventure longer into life!

Millennials, act now

While boomers may represent the fastest growing health club segment, millennials aren’t slacking off. They are showing up to CrossFit, Iron Tribe, YMCAs and Orange Theory Fitness gyms in full force. While this is good, we also recognize that it is easy for younger generations to ignore potential health issues until they exist. Don’t wait! You are putting heavy wear and tear on your body during these younger years, and wearing graduated compression is a proactive choice to invest in the future of your legs and feet. If you want to continue the active lifestyle you live now into your 50’s and 60’s, then start making choices today that invest in your future. Graduated compression socks are a perfect alternative to traditional socks for at work, at home, on travel and at the gym. They provide you the support and comfort you need to keep your legs and feet operating at their best today and for many years to come.


No matter if you are a twenty something millennial or a baby boomer closing in on retirement, wearing graduated compression is a choice you need to make. Is it a little more expensive than your average pack of socks? Yes. Is it worth it? You bet. When you make the choice to swap out your old socks for our sports and everyday compression socks, you are saying yes to happier and healthier legs. Experience the LEGEND® difference and compress more to adventure longer!

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