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Compression Golf Sock Testimonial | Deb Vangellow

As we move into 2016 we are excited to share news with you as it arises. January brings a focus for our team on introducing our compression wear to the golf community. We believe that our compression performance socks and leg sleeves, along with our made specifically for golf compression socks, are products that all golfers can benefit from. Also a great addition for every golfer’s wardrobe are our recovery socks, which feature a slightly higher level of graduated compression, that will help push out lactic acid and allow your legs and feet to recover more quickly between rounds. Check out what Deb Vangellow, LPGA Master Professional, had to say about our compression performance socks when she put them to the test herself during some long days on the course!

“Compression Golf Socks…what a find!  Long hours standing on the learning tee coupled with arthritis is definitely a challenge.  These socks really do help!  Designed by medical professionals, the foot bed cushioning and graduated compression seem to help the aches and pains I have in my lower legs.  Love that I have some “spring” back in my step! Thank you Legend Compression Wear for a GREAT health/wellness product for golf professionals and golfers alike!”

Thanks for the input Deb! We look forward to helping other golfers strengthen the foundation for their swings and extend the life of their legs through the benefits of graduated compression!

 Deb Vangellow | Golf Instructor

-Deb Vangellow

LPGA Master Professional

Riverbend CC/Houston, Texas

T&CP National President


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