Jasmin Niemiec – Ambassador Highlight


For LEGEND® Compression Brand Ambassador Jasmin Niemiec, running is not only her life; it’s her business. As an entrepreneur, Jasmin coaches female fitness professionals who want to make a healthy living their business too.


The Start of a Life-Long Passion

Jasmin’s passion in this area stems largely from the lifelong bonds that resulted from the shared agonies and ecstasies of running on her high school cross-country team. “There’s something about pounding pavement in the hot sun day after day that draws you close to those people who are choosing to do it alongside you,” she said. “These ladies were my best friends.”

Jasmin’s team won the League, District, and Regional championships, and by the end of her senior year, they ranked 10th in the state.  Today, her personal record is 19:39 for the 5K and 5:09 for the mile. “It shows me each day that I am capable of so much more than I believe,” she said.


Now and Beyond

“My favorite right now is the 5k distance.  I also coach runners in the 5k/10k, half and full marathon distance, which is a total blast,” Jasmin said.

As she continues to set goals for herself, Jasmin mentioned that growing a local running group in her community in Jackson, MI would #make2017LEGENDARY for her. She also aspires to run a record-breaking 5k after she has her second child in April.

“Running continues to refine me and help make me into a better follower of Christ, wife, mom, CEO, daughter, sister, and friend,” Jasmin said. “Its continued challenges humble me, and the sense of accomplishment it brings is a blessing I do not take for granted. “

On her side is LEGEND Compression Wear, which she has a lot of praise for as both a runner and businesswoman: “I LOVE my LEGEND Compression Calf Sleeves! Not only did their product impress me and my legs feel awesome when I use them, their customer support was fabulous…  It really pushed me to be a better business owner each time I interact with them,” she said. “I love being partnered with a company who is so passionate about giving science-based products to dedicated runners, and that they are so kind when they do it.”



As a coach, Jasmin offered advice on how to balance a busy life and personal wellbeing. “Make time for the things that matter to you, like your personal health and growth as a human, and time for your family and friends. Focusing on those two things will bring great joy, and prioritizing them on a daily basis will ensure you live a joyful life,” she said.

As far as running goes, she offered this secret tip: “I love rubbing the Deep Blue oil on my legs after a tough workout. It accelerates recovery like crazy!”

You can learn more about Jasmin’s business and read her personal success story at CoachJasmin.com.



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