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Say Goodbye to Shin Splints

Shin splints are the worst. But you don’t have to put up with them. The solution is actually pretty simple, and a lot cheaper than a full body spa treatment. You might not believe how long a way a pair of compression performance socks or leg sleeves can go to reducing the symptoms of poor leg circulation and treating/preventing shin splints.

The word ‘splint’ alone sounds incredibly undesirable. A Runner’s World article identifies a number of common causes of shin splints, such as “over pronation (a frequent cause of medial shin splints), inadequate stretching, worn shoes, or excessive stress placed on one leg or one hip from running on cambered roads or always running in the same direction on a track.” The article goes on, “Typically, one leg is involved and it is almost always the runner’s dominant one. If you’re right-handed, you’re usually right-footed as well, and that’s the leg that’s going to hurt.”

The article suggests stretching, wearing Ace bandages, cross-training (such as swimming or biking), and stopping running completely as ways to treat and heal shin splints. Wearing properly-fitting (and in some cases corrective) footwear is also a critical consideration. And while shoes with excellent sole support is of utmost vitality, wearing leggings and compression sleeves in addition to and alternation with compression socks are a powerful topper to a successful farewell to shin splints.

The application of our graduated compression technology on targeted areas of the foot and leg helps keep blood flowing correctly between the legs and heart. Our Compression Leg Sleeves are designed to target and help prevent shin splints and leg cramps while running. The OS1st ® FS6+ Leg sleeve and CS6® Calf Sleeve offered by LEGEND® Compression Wear also provide runners the resistance and recovery support they need to train vigorously and feel good all the way through and afterwards too.

With our LEGEND® compression leg sleeves and performance socks, you’ll see fewer and less painful shin splints and other treatable running injuries. That’s reason alone to change your running socks and invest and some more sustainable legwear than just the basic heel-cut whites that simply don’t stand up to the healing properties of graduated compression. With compression performance socks and leg sleeves from LEGEND® Compression Wear, you get the breathability, moisture-wicking, choice of colors and improved blood flow with from our innovative graduated compression technology — which all adds up to fewer encounters with the agony of defeat and fewer shin splints.

Take a browse through our online store and find the right products to help you eradicate shin splints and promote your run to Legendary status.

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  1. I must say that I usually got shin splints when running, but since wearing compression sleeves it has gone away a lot. I still get a little bit of pain but nothing near what I use to get.

    Good article!

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