Tennis Elbow article

A Solution to Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

Here’s an injury so common to certain types of athletes, it’s named after an entire sport: tennis elbow.   As you might imagine, tennis elbow is an injury affecting the elbow, pain emanating from tennis racket usage. The Mayo Clinic defines tennis elbow more specifically as “a painful condition that occurs when tendons in your elbow are overworked, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.”

Tennis elbow is actually a common injury in people who don’t play tennis as well, such as plumbers, butchers, and carpenters who use hand tools in a blunt, repetitive fashion. Over time, the muscle that contracts to allow the forearm to lift can tear and strain and result in some pretty bad pain. But what can you do if this type of repetitive motion is a constant in your professional livelihood or personal lifestyle? The good news is that the injury isn’t usually a long-lasting one, and that pain relief solutions do exist in several forms.

Treatment for this not-necessarily-tennis-related injury comes in the form of over the counter pain medication, physical therapy, and working to improve the technique of your wrist motions (in the case of tennis—a better backhand stroke). Another solution lies in wearing therapeutic braces such as those offered by OS1st® Brace Layer System.

The OS1st ES3 Performance Elbow Sleeve has 3 zones of compression that relieve tennis and golfer’s elbow symptoms.   It is an easy-to-use way to treat Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis. You can wear it comfortably under apparel when active for extra support. It easily slips on and off. The thin profile fits under any apparel. The ES3™ Performance Elbow Sleeve with Compression Zone Technology® is designed for all sporting activities.

At LEGEND® Compression Wear we support the OS1st® Brace Layer System as a compliment to our own graduated compression products. Whether you suffer from tennis elbow, as we discussed here, or another condition such as plantar fasciitis or carpel tunnel, we have a compression solution for you! Whether the pain lies in your feet, legs, or elbows, LEGEND offers options to make your lifestyle as comfortable and sustainable–not to mention pain free–as can be.

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