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Wear & care for your compression socks | Infographic

Once you have your LEGEND® Compression Wear gear, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment! Here are some tips from our team, outlining a few things that will help you as your wear and care for your compression socks.


wear and care compression socks infographic

Putting on your compression socks

  • Use your thumbs inside the socks to bundle garment and pull over your toes.
  • Bring the foot of the sock over your heel and ankle while your toes fit comfortably into the footbed.
  • Pull the leg of the sock up over the calf to just below the knee (should be .5″ below)
  • Make sure the sock is straight and smooth with no creases. Enjoy the graduated compression.

Get it a great workout

Make sure you put your socks to the test. Get out for a great workout. Run, bike, hike, or do something else active and live the LEGEND® Lifestyle.

Taking off your socks

  • Roll down the leg portion to your ankle.
  • Pull the top of the sock under your heel and slip your foot out.

Washing your compression socks

  • Wash by hand or gentle cycle with mild detergents.
  • Tumble dry with no heat or fabric softener or lay flat to dry.

Storing your compression gear

Make sure that your sock drawer is done right and line up all your colors so that you are ready for any running outfit you might be going with that day.



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  1. I appreciate the great advice about the good that compression socks can do. A buddy of mine has really bad shin splints and he looked into compression socks for a little while — I am sure that they helped. One thing that you said that was interesting was that they can be used for any kind of exercise. Thanks again!

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