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An Interview with Rim to Rim Club® President Michelle Delloso

Earlier this month LEGEND® announced a partnership with the Rim to Rim Club®, a premier resource for those preparing to tackle a rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon. Founded and run by company President Michelle Delloso, the Rim to Rim Club® offers world class advice and resources to hikers that is essential to a successful journey through the Grand Canyon. LEGEND® is proud to be partnered with such a reputable organization, and to collaborate in a shared mission to equip hikers with valuable resources that make their adventures more enjoyable.

Michelle was kind enough to answer a few questions for us related to our partnership and why she chooses to work with LEGEND® Compression Wear. We are very thankful to have an endorsement from such a well respected woman and organization in the hike/outdoor industry. Here is the transcript from the interview for all to read:

1. What is it about LEGEND® Compression Wear that made you choose to work with us?  

I believe in your products and that they are made in the U.S.A.  As well, your staff cares authentically about the end user (our hikers) and that is so important when choosing partners to work with. The fact that we have a shared mission to genuinely help hikers really made me want to work with LEGEND® and spread the awareness in how compression can help my audience.

2. Why do you believe that compression is a good choice for hikers?  

Not only is compression good for the recovery of a hike (so you can get up and out on day #2) but also for the activity itself (during the hike).  Most of us hike mountains and canyons so there is a great deal of terrain and altitude changes and compression helps combat those changes by keeping the legs from swelling and promotes good blood flow.

3. What do you like about the LEGEND TUFF™ Merino Wool Hike/Outdoor Socks?  

I am a fan of merino wool in general, but the Legend Tuff Merino Wool socks also offer mild compression which is a win-win for hiking! The mild compression provides nice support in the arch of the foot and the cushion in the sock is right where you need it, particularly for a high hiking boot. Not a whole lot not to like about his product.

4. What do you believe are the top 5 most important things for hikers as they prepare to hike from Rim to Rim?  

1. That they are in shape for the hike physically.

2. The itinerary – logistics are everything for this hike and planning for the hike is critical (take it in one day, two, day,  rest spots, etc.).

3. Pack list – what do you need?  Everyone is different but there are mainstays like choice of shoes, socks, backpack, anti-chafing products, proper food, etc.

4. HYDRATION – proper hydration is key on this hike and one must have some kind of hydration plan (how much water to carry, water stops, proper intake, etc.).  

5. A positive attitude.  This hike will test the body and the body will want to quit but your attitude (via your mind) is critical.  A positive attitude in the canyon is a game changer!

If you are serious about hiking or thinking about hiking rim to rim through the Grand Canyon, please check out more from Michelle at If you are looking to fill out your pack list with a great pair of hiking socks, then check out more about the LEGEND TUFF Merino Wool Compression Hike/Outdoor Socks.

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