The LEGENDs are true

The LEGENDS are true!

Many are talking about them and maybe you have heard them too. The LEGENDS are spreading quickly about a new compression company in the neighborhood. Some say that this company’s founder had previously run the largest private label compression hosiery plant in the world.  Some are saying that the company has a 30+ year background in the medical industry.  Even more, there are murmurs that they do all types of compression, not just sports compression. Others are saying that they manufacture literally a marathon away (26.2 miles) away from their North Carolina headquarters.  The LEGENDS go on and on, but one question remains … are they true? When a local community member approached President and Founder John Thomas about these LEGENDS he’d been hearing, he posed the question to Thomas, and with a movie-like shimmer in his eyes, Thomas responded, “Yes, they are true. They are all true.”

So, our lighthearted approach to sharing these “LEGENDS” with you aside, we would like to spend a short amount of time talking about these important points. The LEGENDS are true topic stemmed from questions and conversations that we have had with real customers at marathons, expos, trade shows, running stores, outfitters, and elsewhere over the last 12 months. We noticed that people found it hard to believe that we had so much experience in compression and so much breadth to our product base. We also found that the better people get to know us, the more they realize that we really are LEGENDS in the compression world.

john in plant with aqua compression socks

The LEGENDS unveiled

  1. Yes, President and Founder of LEGEND® Compression Wear used to run the largest private label manufacturing plant of compression hosiery in the world. LEGEND® was born out of his experience there and a vision for a new brand that filled the opportunities he saw in the marketplace.
  2. Yes, Thomas spent over 30 years in the medical industry during his career, helping him develop a deep experience base that LEGEND® leans on heavily. This experience proves vital during product development, quality testing and understanding the medical needs of our different customers.
  3. Yes, LEGEND® is unique in the compression world because we don’t do just sports compression or just everyday compression, but instead we offer products across all categories. This really plays into our belief that compression is a lifestyle and not a prescription.
  4. Mostly Yes 😉 … our manufacturing plant is about 26 miles away from headquarters, but if we are honest, we have to take a couple laps around the parking lot in order to get the extra few tenths of a mile we need for the full 26.2.

Spread the LEGEND

Our hope is that this post has helped you know LEGEND® Compression Wear a little better than before. As we grow, we look forward to starting new LEGENDs for you to share with your friends, colleagues and family members. If you have heard any other LEGENDS floating around about us out there, please leave a comment below and let us know! We’d love to let you know if those LEGENDS are true! Join the conversation on social media as well using the hashtag #theLEGENDSaretrue


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